MeMeMe New Nail Collection and 3 for 2 Offer!

MeMeMe have revamped their Nail Collection and come up with new bottles, a new formula and a new maxi brush!

Split into three sets, Classic Colours, Catwalk and Metallic, I ended up with three pretty polishes to try. I really like these kinds of colours at the moment – muted, chic, almost pastel but not that boring:


The names of the new polishes are cute – named after – shall we call them qualities?! My three shades – Honourable, Virtuous and Chic.

First off let’s talk about the packaging – I like! Far more chic then how it was before.

Honourable is a grey:


The new Maxi Brush is interesting too – it’s very wide which I personally like because it gets the nails done quicker, but I am sure it takes a bit of getting used to from ladies who are used to the standard brushes.

The formula at first I found a little thick…
Although once I got the hang of it I got a really even finish and it didn’t take too long to finish either.

I like the glossy finish of the polish too – prefer it to matte anyway!

Virtuous – this shade is a pale yellow, and it RULES, it looks amazing with the Barry M Effects thingy on top:


Finally Chic is a brown, a very rich chocolate pudding brown (but isn’t too stodgy either):


2 Coats on each nail.

Overall I like these polishes, I would definitely have a look at the range when I am next up for a new polish or two.

These polishes cost £4.50 each and are currently on 3 for 2 – buy it here.

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