MeMeMe New Eyeshadow Swatches: Inspire Mono, Inspire Trio and Inspire Catwalk Quads

If you have been paying attention *throws a board duster at you* then you may have noticed that MeMeMe Cosmetics is having a packaging and product overhaul!

And it’s a very good make over – previous to this, MeMeMe was a brand I’d rarely pay attention to but now, it feels more chic, more grown up.

They have no launched a new range of eyeshadows! Let’s take a look!

The Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad Collections cost £6.50 and consists of 5 colour combinations.

Drama, Electric, Fire, Goddess and Ocean:


Pictured: Electric, Fire and Goddess.

So far I like the look of the colour combinations (they are quite dramatic and colourful!) but baked shadows are hit and miss for me. The very best baked shadows I find are gorgeous, the rubbish ones are crumbly and unpigmented. These quads can also be used wet.

Eye Inspire Classic Trios cost £5.50 each and there are 5 combinations:


Pictured: Sultry, Angel and Desire.

The trios are supposed to be more wearable and consist of ‘essential’ colours.

Eye Inspire Mono Eyeshadows are £4.50 each and there are 10 shades:


Pictured: Zest, Envy, Dusk, Frosted.

As far as the new packaging goes, I like it – simple black is usually a good way to go rather than trying to do something too fancy.

Here are the two quads I have – reminds me of MAC:


In terms of pigmentation I think these are good – I’m not saying brilliant BUT, the intensity is much better when using this product with a wet applicator (which I’d recommend for a strong colour).

They aren’t too flaky like some baked shadows can be.



I also have desire eyes and a mono – don’t know where the photo of the product went but here are the swatches. Once again, the texture is smooth and it’s medium pigmented with a subtle shimmer to it. It’s certainly wearable without being too metallic:


Of all three types of shadow, I think the mono was the softest and most pigmented! But this could change depending on the shade you are using. Also, I personally use monos but find them less practical than a palette with a few shades in…the trio and quad represent better value overall.

Can I just say the MeMeMe website is great for swatches? Click on any colour block and a real photo of the product appears and it’s a pretty damn accurate image too. Good!




etc. All make up companies should do this and give us PROPER images of the product, not cracked smooshed eyeshadows, or swipes or blocks of colours.

Check out the MeMeMe eyeshadow range here and you can also buy the products in Superdrug.

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  1. says

    I have a few Mememe duos and singles (from the old line) and they are pretty good. I like the look of the baked trios, might check them out myself.

  2. Holly Green says

    Ooooh these look amazing! I think I’ll have to pop into Superdrug at some point, even though I am a bit of a Boots devotee :)

  3. kirsten T says

    I got my first MEMEME product from winning one of your giveaway and I have been looking to swap for more from kind hearts in the UK. The new packaging looks a little too much like mac, but still a nice change. Desire Eyes trio has some really interesting shades, I would love it if it come in shimmer or matter and not metallic finish.