MeMeMe Glitter Me Up Limited Edition Eyeliners: Glittery Sparkly Fun!

There was a time when I just lived for glitter liners but now – those days have gone. Nowadays the glitter liner is saved for special occasions and for days when I can’t see properly…

“Did you do your make up in the dark?”


MeMeMe’s rather cute offering is the Flitter me Up dual ended eyeliners, launched as limited edition products.

There are 5 shades to choose from, I have two Xenon and Neon:


So one side is a regular bright liquid eyeliner the other side is a complimentary glitter eyeliner. Mix and match as you please, my friends, mix and match…


I have a fear of crap liquid eyeliners I really do. I hate insipid watery formulas that are clearly not pigmented enough and take forever to dry. This is what a lot of liquid eyeliners are like. That is why I love my Japanese formula liquid liners and gel liners so much…


The plain side isn’t up to much – you can see it’s medium pigmented and watery – just the kind of formula I am not a fan of. The glitter side is better, the Neon glittery blue side is gorgeous as you can see – like proper mermaid territory. The NYX glitter liners are quite similar in texture and consistency.

The only way I would personally use the plain side is as a base or liquid eyeshadow – not as a liner.

Anyway that’s what I did with Neon. It’s lovely! I basically used the liquid as a base and smudged the glitter in on top:


Yes yes, my eyes are red, I am very tired. They should put ‘Tired’ into questionnaire forms, so that you can tick things like FEMALE, ASIAN and TIRED when describing yourself.

Creasing is a big issue here as you can see. If I was wearing this out I would lightly powder my eye, use an eye primer then apply this to reduce creasing somewhat. Otherwise…it’s too creasy to wear out – creasing eyeshadow makes you look like a greaseball, no?

Overall I think this is a cute idea, aimed at the teens. I would use the glittery side again but not the plain.

Buy here for £4.99 each.

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  1. liloo/tsunimee says

    oooo i cant wait to swatch this
    if this is better than collection 2000 glitter lines, i’ll eat my hat x