Mememe Drama Queen Mascara

I was sent this funky looking mascara to try out – its by mememe (sold exclusively at Superdrug) and retails for £7.82. When did drugstore make up get so expensive. In the old days, you’d have chance from £1 (probably).

mememe drama queen mascara.jpg

Anyway – the dream mascara has not yet been found. Remember at the moment I am sporting a painful lash perm, which means nearly any mascara looks ok. I still need to find the one that looks amazing even when I haven’t been chemically enhanced.

So, the packaging is pretty cute – its a metallic pink tube. (Pink is the non waterproof version, blue is the waterproof one).

mememe drama queen mascara-1.jpg

This is supposed to have a flexible 3D brush. I actually quite like these comby type mascaras – they work quite well for us short lashed ladies.

mascara mememe-1.jpg

So the comb is all the way round the brush….mmm ok.
Here are the results with 2 coats.

Drama Queen? Not quite. If you want va-va-va voom volume, this mascara isn’t going to do it. But it is ok at length, and its quite glossy and natural:

mememe drama queen mascara-2.jpg

So for me, its just average. I think this could work for those girls who already have ridiculous lashes and want something quite natural so they don’t look like they are wearing fake lashes all the time (but of course, if I had those kind of lashes I would ham it up, EVERY. DAMN. DAY).

mascara mememe.jpg

You can buy this mascara from Superdrug stores nationwide.

(I’ve just found out mememe have a mascara called Fat Cat Mascara! Clearly THIS is the one they should have sent me!)

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  1. kolaqube says

    Funnily enough I recently bought the Fat Cat mascara, mainly because I *definitely* believe in hamming the lashes up! I’ve not tried Mememe before, but it sounded promising. Sadly the leopard print packaging is the best thing about it! The actual mascara is okay but doesn’t really do anything that my cheapo Miss Sporty (of all things) already does, so it’s probably similiar to Drama Queen. It’s one of those funny smelling mascaras too. It looks gorgeous in the make up bag, though, I’ll give it that.

    • Row says

      Hey Kola qube!

      Ok I wont be trying that anytime soon then! I already have too many mascaras – I love the packaging though, I do wish the mascara had more ooommph

  2. Cat says

    Hey! I’ve read a few posts about you having trouble with mascara holding your curls and I know an amazing mascara that I use called Apple Super Long Lash. It’s a mascara from Mexico and I can only find it by buying it online from this lady on ebay:

    I love it. It’s very buildable and it holds the curls in my straight lashes. I think it’s waterproof because it won’t come off with just soap and water. I have to use jojoba oil to take it off. I just wanted to recommend it to you because girls with lashes like us shouldn’t have to be so frustrated with our predicament haha ;-).

    Here are some reviews about it also: