MeMeMe Correct & Perfect Concealer 2 Step Kit Review

MeMeMe’s fairly new 2 in 1 concealer is called Correct & Perfect, with a cream concealer on top and powder on the bottom.

It comes in 3 shades: Buff ( Light tone) Nude ( Mid tone) & Taupe ( Olive tone) and can be used on the face and under the eyes:


They say:

Featuring a hydrating cream concealer to smooth blemishes & hide those tell-tale dark circles with a translucent setting powder which doubles up to to set your perfecting concealer and offers mattifying cover to any other cheeky areas

You know it looks like something else…Bobbi Brown’s concealer kit! MeMeMe seem to be producing a lot of products that are ‘similar’ to other big brands’ products, right? Do we like this?


I have Nude which is the middle shade. It seems a bit too light for me.

Bare scary eye:


The concealer seems very light to me – almost slightly waxy. The Bobbi Brown concealer kit is superior in terms of coverage for sure. BB’s has a thick almost sticky texture which offers more opacity and lasts longer.

If you want a light coverage concealer, perhaps something that is less heavy then BB then this one may work better for you:


The setting powder is fine, once again BB’s is better because it has a yellow toned powder which really matches my skintone. This one is slightly white. The powder itself is fine though but not as finely milled as Bobbi Browns.

Comparisons aside, is the MeMeMe concealer a worthy purchase? I’d say that there are better under eye and face concealers out there. It’s just a bit fussy to use and I don’t think the coverage it gives it is worth the time.


If you are looking for this kind of 2 part concealer though, and have a paler, cooler skin complexion than me you may like this. It’s currently £5.49 from the MeMeMe site, which makes it far more affordable than Bobbi Brown.

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  1. says

    I think it is good that they make cheaper versions. I think we all know that they won’t be the same. I’m sure the Bobbi Brown one is much better in lots of ways but if you can’t afford that then it’s nice you can have a similar product.
    Stacie xoxox

  2. Jen says

    Ahhhhh you tested it out before I got round to buying it…I have to say I really loved the BB one when the MUA used it on me (bridesmaid for wedding!) as it seemed to cover a multitude of sins ie. no sleep the night before, numerous blemishes, and lasted all day…I guess at £5.99 it’s not a bad alternative for BB, at least if it’s rubbish you can’t really grumble too much!