Melvita Skin Blemishes Mint & Blackcurrant 20 Day Cure Supplements Review

I am all for supplements (I have been testing various ones these last 8 months) on the condition that they don’t:

A. Send me funny (I am quite sensitive to medicine and herbal supplements, I give hives easily!)

B. Don’t taste really bad and

C. Are simple to use. If you expect me to pop 8 pills a day, then forget it.

I was interested to try this Melvita 20 day Skin Blemishes treatment because it is just for 20 days (low commitment!) and is different to anything else I’ve used.


When I was testing these I was having a VERY VERY bad breakout around my jaw line. I think Alpha-H irritated my skin (review coming up) and it went red and patchy, and I had major spots and sore, red, itchy patches that looked horrid and felt horrid.

On to the product!

They say:

The carefully selected 7 organic active ingredients have a depurative, detoxifying and sebum regulating action.

* Burdock: anti-inflammatory & anti-free radical
* Birch Sap: helps eliminate impurities
* Wild Pansy: helps relieve congested tissues
* Rosemary: acts as a sebum regulator
* White Deadnettle: helps reduce and minimise pore sizes
* Peppermint: regulates intestinal transit
* Propolis: anti-microbial and helps the skin to heal faster


Do you play Silent Hill? Mr C is obsessed with the old games and he liked the look of these phials, because they reminded him of the Ampoules in the game.

To use, you take one phial, shake it well then break off both ends and drink OR you can mix with water if it’s a bit strong. I drank it neat 99% of the time, it just tastes like undiluted cordial – like minty berries. It tastes fine, it’s not LOVELY but totally drinkable.

For teenage skin with ongoing problems, the recommended dosage is one phial per day for two months. For adult skin with occasional blemishes, a one-month cure is sufficient.


First off, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from this product just because it seems gimmicky but I honestly think it helped calm down my skin and the horrid flare up on my face. When I stopped taking it (or finished the course I should say) a few spots (regular customers!) returned to my chin, even with the Clarisonic.

HOWEVER – you are not supposed to take more than 3 boxes of this stuff consecutively and it’s not for pregnant women either. But since the worse patches of acne have gone I am happy to not take any more of these til I really need to.

Another thing – you can’t pull off both ends at the same time, it will go everywhere so pull off one, put your finger over it, then pull the other (which I could never do by myself so had to ask Mr C – the shame!) and tip it in your mouth! (Someone is going to point out what I’m doing wrong now, I’m sure!).

The design of the fluid is super duper funky however, I never took it out with me because I was scared of it breaking or snapping off at one end – therefore in that sense it is impractical.

I asked if the glass phial was to do with keeping the product fresh, it isn’t, it’s just the way these supplements are traditionally presented in France.

I’d definitely recommend this for anyone with problem skin who wants to try something a little different and wants clearer skin, especially if traditional spot creams haven’t worked.

Ingredients per phial (10 ml/0.34 fl.oz):

purified water, fructose*, aqueous extract of rosemary cineole* leaf 1102.5 mg, birch* sap stabilized with sea buckthorn* juice 999 mg, concentrated black currant* juice, aqueous extracts of white deadnettle* leaves, stems and flowers 387 mg, and wild pansy* leaves, stems and flowers 310.5 mg, dry extracts of burdock* root 250 mg, and peppermint* leaf 50 mg, wheat maltodextrin*,light, alcohol-based propolis* extract 30 mg (i.e. 4.2 mg of active propolis), field mint essential oil aroma (terpene-free, dementholized).
* Organic ingredients.

Buy it here it costs £14

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  1. Vvn says

    this is something I feel inclined to try! i’m all for melvita and drinkable supplements, I think i’ll even get my boyfriend to do it with me too haha

  2. Jen says

    Ooooh I like the look of the vials too…reminds me of injection ampoules! I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything herbal for my skin before, like you I’m a bit sensitive to herbal concoctions (past experience from stuff my mum used to make me drink from the chinese doctors euchhhhhh :s) so I’m a bit weary…although I think I did try those Clear Complexion tablets they sell in Boots years ago, but saw absolutely no effect at all from them lol

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Hmm well it’s very floral based, you might be ok its nothing as strong as Chinese ones though! seriously!