Melvita Milky Cleansing Oil Review

I’ve always had a cleansing oil of some form on my skincare ‘shelf’, so to speak, but my frequency of use has reduced because I do fins many cleansing oils can leave my skin feeling a little dry and taut afterwards (and I have used many).  So far my favourites are RMK’s Cleansing Oil and Fancl which is the original chip-fat like none irritating cleansing oil!

I’ve had this Melvita Milky Cleansing Oil for a while (I do really like Melvita’s cleansers in general) so I did expect to like this product – and I really do LOVE it. 

Melvita Milky Cleansing Oil

This Rose Nectar cleansing oil is an extremely rich yellow liquid that feels luxurious and is thicker than other oils I have tired. It also has a rose scent which is nice, not artificial.  It comes in a narrow pump bottle (145ml) which I think won’t last too long. 

I think it’s a very effective cleanser for getting rid of that first layer of water resistant make up and what I like most that it is the most un-drying (none drying?) cleanser I have ever used?  That is because it seems to leave a light hydrating layer on the skin – after I’ve rinsed and the product has turned into a white milk, there’s still something there that feels soft and comfortable.  

I love this as I like that added hydration after I’ve cleansed, and I have dry skin.  Oily skin-ers will probably dislike the feeling this cleanser gives after use but if you suffer from dehydration then this products is brilliant.  

I found it removed nearly all my make up (not eye make up though) and is just a lovely first step to clean make up free skin. 

This is £20 for 145ml from here. 

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