Melliesh Limited Edition Retractable Powder Brush Review

One of Melliesh’s brand new items is this retractable Powder Brush! I love anything that I can take out and about with me.

The Melliesh brand comes in cute packaging:


This brush works for powder and blush and can you can get a different bristle depending on how far you retract the brush:


Obviously you can do this with any retractable face brush! But the flat shape makes it quite versatile for contouring and under the eyes – and at it’s full bloom, it is quite a full, fluffy brush…

Whilst I love the pink case it’s quite cheap and plastic-y.


You simply use the slider to push the brush up. It’s a nice smooth mechanism, and it doesn’t fall back down when you use the brush. I don’t like how there is no lid for this brush – in my bag, the end of the brush is going to end up with loads of bits on it!

Here it is slightly retracted:


When the brush is full – I like how the hairs splay to make a fluffy brush:


I have carried this around with me – it’s not a HUGE brush, but it does take up fair space in my make up bag. It’s quite nice to use – the bristles are soft and don’t feel synthetic – and I get a good result from it:


I guess I have so many brushes that I don’t haul them much anymore unless I see something quite unusual! This was a nice purchase, it’s better than the brushes you get with powder and blushers so I will be using it regularly.

What is your favourite portable brush?

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  1. It does look a little Argos makeup-kit cheap, which is a shame considering it performs well!
    I love love my Stila Retractable Powder Brush #31. It’s tulip shaped, and probably my best impulse buy!

    • Hi H

      I love tulip shaped brushes LOVE

      It’s a shame they made the case so boxy and plastic….apart from that the brush itself is great!, buy tramadol without prescription uk, levitra doseage, phentermine 30mg yellow, buy cheap xanax overnight delivery