Meh: Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes in 102 Amazonite Dazzle Eyeshadow Review

To be fair to Jill Stuart, they sure know how to package make up.

This purchase is part of their Dreamy Garden Collection – 102 Amazonite Dazzle to be exact. But have a look at the packaging…so lovely:


Also part of the Dreamy Garden Collection are these lipglosses!

I nearly missed this item in my massive haul because the seller had stuck it into a box of hair dye! Post is taking such a long time from Asia all of a sudden so it’s a real pain waiting for things to arrive – the last thing you need is a missing item!

The case is spectacular… #alttext#

It’s really beautiful, no? It has pink butterflies on the front. The thing is, it is quite plastic – the base of it is a thick, clear plastic and the top is a shiny mirror.

102 Amazonite Dazzle is a funny one. It’s really stunning on the photos but a little more flat in real life.

Yes it’s still metallic and it does have a glitter running through it, but it’s not as WOW as you’d expect.

There’s a pale oyster with glitter, a khaki, a great and a brown-burgundy. Weird, right?!

As always with Jill Stuart you get a sponge tipped applicator.




The pigmentation is ok. It’ll certainly show up but it’s not buttery creamy.

The colours are an odd combination…I don’t like the warm brown with the charcoal and green.

The sparkles are a bit odd – a bit of silver glitter dumped in with the smokey shades and the highlighter creates some fallout.

Let me be frank (and you be Bob) – every time I’ve bought Jill Stuart, bearing in mind how expensive it is, I have been disappointed. Yes it’s pretty, yes it’s sexy but it’s also vacant.

I paid about £40 for this so it is not cheap at all – if you want it as a collectors item, then sure, but in terms of wearability and quality it just isn’t worth it.

I bought this from seller Alphabeauty on eBay.

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  1. Jen says

    “meh” seems like a good description of the product…which is a shame cos the packaging is so lovely!

  2. says

    I also agree that JS eyeshadow palettes are not very wearable considering the shimmer overload. I mean, I don’t mind shimmer at all as long as they appear fine enough, but JS’s shimmer tend to be more on the chunky side.

    The shimmer in this palette seem quite decent comparing to the other palettes though. But, nevertheless, the smokey colors in Amazonite Dazzle look very pretty!

    • Row says

      Hi Jess

      I agree it’s not really fine textured – the packaging is gorgeous but it is seriously lacking in other areas :(