Megan is back!

She snapped my Canmake Lip Eraser too – grrr.

Anyway – I just wanted to add some info on Meg’s videos. Once or twice now, I have had some negative comments on her videos along the vein of, shouldn’t a seven year old be playing out instead? (Most comments are lovely, by the way).

Well, as I include on the decription of the videos, they are purely for fun, and she makes them when she feels like it, the rest of the time she is at school, playing with her friends, or terrorising the cat etc. etc. etc.

Its also strange when people seem to think that she is actually allowed to wear make up in her day to day life – she’s SEVEN and barely up to my bum, so no she isn’t allowed to wear make up out and about.

I think she has a facination in make up because to her its play, like painting and she like watching me apply it.

I hate to come out with a long justification of why she makes these videos, just because some people just don’t seem to sense irony or the fact that they aren’t real make up application videos, just something that she finds fun, and increases her confidence because she learns to speak to an audience and clearly.

There was a comment I never published a while back, where someone said that this kind of the thing epitomised “everything wrong with our society”. I would suggest drugs, illegal wars, selfishness, greed, crime, child abuse, aids, terrorism etc. etc. would epitomise wrong doing more than a seven year old playing with make up?

Or maybe I just need to accept that people are a helluva lot more braver on the internet with critcisms than in the flesh…

I also had a funny comment today – (I shan’t name the poster):

“this is not very… usual is it? should a 4 year old wear make up? even if just for a minute or so… you know that mascara, at this age, will ruin her lashes…”

No I guess it’s not very usual, but I presume Youtube isn’t the place for the “usual”, otherwise we could just sit on our sofas and watch people, whilst holding a cut out frames and say, “Ooh, look how usual that is”.

Also, she is seven not four. She probably has it on her face for ten minutes max – incase you haven’t noticed she has a face like a little peach! If her skin showed any allergy then I would not allow her to apply make up to it. And as for mascara ruining lashes – I presume no woman alive would use mascara if it was damaging at all. And incase you haven’t noticed, she’s using Faux Cils (only the best for Meg!) and like I say, she must have it on for no more than 5 minutes in total.

As Thumper’s mum said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Or – if you don’t like what you see, don’t watch it! Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for freedom of speech and since this stuff is on the world wide web, feedback is expected – but really, picking on a little girl who reads her comments?

I already point out with videos that this is all for fun, and anyone with a brain could see that Megan is no Laura Mercier (yet). I am sure some people love to be the spanner in the works; if someone has too many nice comments, lets add something negative, even if it is a pointless comment.

Did I suspect there may be some negativity? I suppose. Some people will refuse to read descriptions, and love to take a twisted spin to things no matter what you say.

Meg is a tomboy in real life (not that it would matter if she was a girly girl), but she doesn’t wear mini skirts or drink lager on street corners, incase you are wondering. She doesn’t even own a Bratz doll (which in my opinion, does encourage a kind of vanity – and they look weird with gigantic heads!). Meg is not being encouraged to be vain or grown up, she is very much a kid, and if you have seen what she looks like at the end of her “tutorials” she is clearly being playful.

More importantly, if she still wants to make videos, she can, and if she doesn’t that’s fine too…I won’t force her either way, but if she decides she’d rather climb a tree than do another video, it will because she wants to, not because some people are spoil sports – hopefully a quality that that will stay with her as she grows. As Tyra said on ANTM (yes, I am quoting Tyra Banks!), “Never dull your shine for anyone”.

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  1. MandyPandy says

    I don’t think the comment was intended to offend; I think the commenter was just expressing concern for little Megan (heck, that face could inspire maternal feelings in even the cold, black heart of Joan Crawford).

    Luckily, Megan’s in good hands (and has access to makeup that I’ll never be able to afford). *grumbles*

    On a side not: Does Tyra Banks not look a bit like a Bratz doll (albeit one that has let herself go to pot)?

  2. MandyPandy says

    PS: Ofcourse Megan’s not Laura Mercier…she’s much BETTER! And that Hello Kitty headwrap? Pure Norma Desmond!

  3. Row says

    Hi Mandypandy

    Long time no see! I hope the message was with good intentions…its just the commenter had written something else a bit mean previously.

    Hey that HKitty headwrap is mine! it fits my gigantic head.

    Tyra totally looks like a bratz doll. “You wanna be on top?!”

  4. Shayne says

    I never watch youtube vids, but I love Megan’s videos. She’s so articulate for her age! Please pass on my compliments on her latest look. 😉

  5. Kayleigh says

    I completely love her videos!! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a 7 year old girl playing with makeup, at that age it’s far less about vanity and more about having fun. It’s like saying there’s something wrong with a child using fingerpaints!

  6. Ethereal Prey says

    What is with all the hate? Megan is super cute, and I watch her vids cause she’s cute and I know she’s not doing a real tut, just for fun. Geez ppl on youtube need to chill….

    Kudos for Megan and her hello kitty turban 😛

  7. Vanessa says

    Very well said! People take YouTube a little too literal and serious, come on gimme a break, people make videos for a variety of reasons, all of which should not have to be explained. Some people are bored, some people just wanna make one to do tutorials, who cares.

    People should mind their own business and not pick on a 7 year old who is just too cute for words and is having fun playing dress up.

  8. Row says

    Thankyou Shayne, I will pass it on to Megan. As she said, “ooh, am I celeb?:, Yes Megs, you’re a celeb

  9. Row says

    Kayleigh – Thanks again. Yep, Megs it toally painting as opposed to anything vain – I mean have you seen what she ends up with?!

  10. Row says

    Vanessa – Thanks girl! Like you said, people take things far too seriously! And when people are just plain rude, well…tut tut.

    People should think, would I say this to someone if they were in front of me?!

  11. stylishmomy says

    Hello there =) just bumped into your blog today and its a good read!
    regarding Megan, shes adorable! I gota agree that some people just takes it too seriously *sigh
    she’s just playing for god’s sake, give her a break. Shes funny and like what you said, if she wants to make more vids, fine… if not anymore then so be it =)