Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara

When I heard about the mascara, Maybelline’s MAYBELLINE UNSTOPPABLE CURLY EXTENSION.jpg

It is made for the short, straight asian lash. It is supposed to add length, enhance and hold curl – it has a slightly bent brush to get into corners and it will come off with god old water. And its a drugstore brand! It’s affordable!

I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE online so eventually I begged an eBay seller, Ginsengseafood to buy it for me :)


So what did I think when it arrived? Did it do everything it said it would? I was so excited and….

No. It didn’t. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that it didn’t work for me.

For one thing, whilst it is lengthening it added NO volume whatsoever. A little bit of body is always a good thing, eh?

Also the biggest problem of all is that IT DID NOT HOLD CURL and to make it worse, it made mine flop – and that my dear, is simply unacceptable, in a mascara that calls itself ‘unstoppable curly’.

No mascara, just curled lashes:


After 2 coats of unstoppable curly – as you can see it made my lashes flop:


I wanted this to work so badly because it does come of easily with a bit of warm water (like the Kiss Me mascaras) – I thought my search was over! Alas not to be. It didn’t work for me with my straight, short asian lashes. My super curl enhancing-retaining mascaras are still: Tiffa Length, SANA Big Curl, Integrate Volume and Aube Lash Comb mascara. But they are all a bugger to get off.

The dream mascara search goes on……

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