Max Factor Sheer Radiance

Max Factor Sheer Radiance Foundation caught my eye because it was use on one of the model’s on Britain’s Next Top Model (I’m still watching it even though its a farce).

Because I am utterly unwilling to spend £11.95 on a Max Factor product, I had to get on on Ebay for £3.99 – the only shade at this price was Sheer Bronze which is pretty dark (Like a NC40 I would say). Yes that’s right. I bought a foundation in the WRONG colour because it was cheaper. Don’t put me in the stocks!

Anyway, I figures since this is more of a highlighter than a foundation, plus you can mix it with a moisturised, I’d just be dabbing it on strategic areas anyway.

my verdict?

The product is very good at illumizing – it does look great.

Sheer Bronze is DARK, and works well on Skin tones from medium olive onwards, even when sheered out with moisturiser and just dabbed on. Any lighter and you will look like a satsuma.

Also on the down side, the pump is rubbish and u get far too much product out with one pump. Its a waste!

And it stinks – boy does it stink – like plastic and clay. Don’t ask em why. I really hate the smell.

I will use this cos its great for a summery look – I daresay it will be a nice product for the body if you want a glow but the smell is pretty awful!

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  1. Lea says

    Good move on buying it from eBay! I would be upset to spend that much money on something that smells nasty…