Matte Lip Cream Klaxon! Etude House And Rose Collection – Rosy Tint Lips Review

Every time I tell myself that I won’t be investing in any new make up, a brand comes out with something totally yummy looking that I need to indulge in. 

Etude House is one of those brands that keep releasing extremely creative ranges – even though I can’t say I like everything they release I totally respect the fact that they keep creating new formulas and doing something different. Their newest and totally season appropriate range for late summer/Autumn is called ‘And Rose’.  

I purchased 3 lip tints and the eyeshadow palette to review. 
Etude House Rosy Tint Lips Review

The Rosy Tint Lips were especially appealing. These are matte lip creams that come in a plastic tube with a sponge tip applicator.  The are supposed to be none drying and give a lot of pigmented colour.  

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips Review 1

These can be worn in 3 ways – as a full lip, as a half lip (dabbed into the centre of the lips) and also as a cream blush (totally possible as all these shades are…yes, rosy).

I purchased 3 colours – 02 – Sunny Flower, 07 – Tea Rose, 08 – After Blossom. The rest of the hues in the range (8 in total) are completely wearable nice colours, such as a deeper red, a hot pink, a deep rose etc.  

02 Sunny Flower is an bright orange. 

07 Tea Rose is a rose beige. 

08 After Blossom is a deep plum.

These are my usual shades apart from the plum, which is a lot deeper than my normal but I wanted to experiment with plums as it’s nearing Winter. 

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips Review 2

Smudged out – these look shin when applied but dry down to matte.  They are extremely pigmented and mega creamy. They stain – the deeper the shade the better it lasts (such as the plum).  

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips Review 3

Pros and cons time. 

I wasn’t feeling the Vivid Pop Stick Lip Colours – the matte look from that didn’t make my lips look too healthy. 

These Rosy Tint Lips are MUCH better. I really like them.  They are hugely pigmented and creamy.  I put a decent amount on, spread it and it dries to matte without looking dry. 

With repeated application throughout the day, it does start to cake up around the inner lips – it helps to wipe off any remnants before reapplying. The colour shades are gorgeous too – I think theres a rose in this collection for everyone. 

The product is scented with Rose which is quite nice although I don’t usually like scented lip colours. 

Now – this product isn’t perfect. 

The tube it comes in is a hard plastic – it’s hard to squeeze and that’s when the tube is pretty much full. So imagine how hard it is to press when you have barely anything left!

Also the applicator is also pretty bad.  It’s foam tipped and hard – I don’t know how you apply anything with it because it’s so hard, and there’s no angle to it, which means it’s extremely difficult getting neat edges (which you want with a deep lip colour) and also getting into the corners of the mouth. To be honest if you want a neat finish you will have to use a lip brush.

Matte Lip Cream Klaxon Etude House And Rose Collection Rosy Tint Lips Review

Swatches (my eyes have been done with the And Rose eyeshadow palette):

Etude House And Rose Collection Rosy Tint Lips Review Sunny Flower 02 1

Sunny Flower is quite a bright orange.  It’s the least forgiving on dry patches.  It’s not bad but quite a summery shade. 

Etude House And Rose Collection Rosy Tint Lips Review tea rose

I LOVE Tea Rose. I think a lot of these Korean brands get Nudes wrong but this pretty colour is pink with brown with rose – it’s very nice and wearable, and elegant. I have been wearing this the most. 

Etude House And Rose Collection Rosy Tint Lips Review

After Blossom is a rich deep plum. It looks very nice indeed and stains well – it lasts a good few hours even after meals.  I still need to work on this kind of shade as I feel like it makes me look like Morticia – but this is not a bad deep plum to start with. 


I like this range and the colours are all pretty….it’s surprisingly not too drying either despite being a matte finish. I wish the applicator was better though – the hard plastic tube will get annoying once I start to run low on product. 

I purchased these from eBay for £6 each. 

What do you think of these colours?

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