Massage Klaxon: Prodigious Hands Massage, Salon Review

You know, it’s pretty hard sometimes finding great regional places to have beauty treatments, not because they are all bad, just because so many beauty treatments are just so…average.  

Average is a hair cut that looks no different to when you first stepped into the salon apart from being a tidgey bit shorter, “Do I look any different?”, or a facial that is basically someone washing your face for you, or a massage where the therapist just isn’t into it, and disappears for a little while to check her Facebook account whilst you have a mask on. 

Average doesn’t inspire me to go back to a salon for any treatment, and it’s super boring to write about. 

I don’t have a regular hairdresser, or masseuse or anything really, because I just keep trying new things until I find someone really special.

Well, I think I found someone really special. 

ProdigiousHands Massage therapy in Manchester

I found a place called Prodigious Hands on Wahanda – I wasn’t actually keen on going at first as it’s not in the City Centre, it is at someone’s home and is a little out of the way for me.  I was trawling through different websites and couldn’t find anywhere that seemed to do a decent deep tissue massage though, so I decided to go for it anyway.  

Prodigious Hands (catchy name) is run by Licet Del Carmen Sanchez Polanco (just call her Licet) who hails from the Dominican Republic, where she started her studies in 1998.  She spent some years working in Spain, studying massage, and building up a client base before moving to Manchester in 2012.  

She offers various types of massage therapy, such as Thai Massage, Cupping, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology etc but also beauty treatments such as nails and waxing.  I have only ever tried her massage, and always Deep Tissue (even though I am usually the first to try different things) because it’s really good (but I will try something else eventually!). 

I have visited Licet three times now and have booked my forth treatment – do you know how many massages places I’ve been to three times? NONE.  Until now.

Deep Tissue MassageShe is just so amazing. 

Oh wait – let me talk to you about the ‘salon’.

Prodigious Hands is run from a home, and everything is very peaceful and quiet (can’t hear anyone else in another room watching the TV or anything).  At first when I saw the treatment room I though it was quite basic – just a normal looking room in a house, regular carpets, walls etc.  However despite the fact it doesn’t look fancy, it is a very comfortable room – the big is big and comfortable, the temperature is just right, not too cold or warm, the must is at the right volume.  These are only small things but I do notice these details when I go for a massage.  

There is no waiting area, just be aware of this if you are getting a lift for example as it is a residential area.  

Now the treatment – I used to go for Thai massages because I like ‘deep’ massage but sometimes it was a bit too much for me.  Licet’s Deep Tissue Massage is spot on if you are suffering from any aches and pains.  The main thing I have noticed since going to her is;

– My pains have significantly eased.  I have never had massage give me longer term benefits before, only very short term but I can say the painful areas are much better since I started seeing her. 

– Altho she does press hard on some areas such as shoulders and even neck – which can be scary if you are a migraine sufferer like me, you know if someone pressed on the wrong parts of you it will trigger days of headaches.  When Licet does the harder massage, you’re not wobbling around in pain for days afterwards, in fact it doesn’t really hurt at all afterwards, nor did I get any after pains or headaches despite having such a deep massage – a sign that she knows what she is doing/pressing!

– No massage I have had with her has been identical. She listens to my concerns each time (lower back, upper back, neck) and tailors it accordingly.  I don’t feel like she has a set ‘routine’ she follows which is nice as I know I am getting something customised. 

– Well perhaps this is a strange observation, but I feel like when she first puts her hands on you and starts the massage she is touching you almost the whole time as she moves from one part of your body to another.  It gives the whole massage a very ‘connected’ feeling, and it’s soothing and relaxing at the same time. 

– Deep Tissue Massage can be quite painful sometimes but I feel like Licet works to the deeper layers of the muscle gradually but quickly so it’s completely bearable, and actually quite enjoyable if you are suffering from aches and pains. 

All I can say is that she has the best massage technique I have experienced for a while, if not ever.   It all feels very intuitive and natural, and doesn’t feel like any pre-determined routine.  

Oh – also I’ve noticed with a lot of treatments I’ve tried lately, I’ve been getting 10-15 minutes shaved off here and there (anyone else noticed this?! I booked in for a 1 hour massage so why is over 45 minutes later?!).  Licet never ever does this, if you have her for an hour, she gives you a treatment for an hour! 

If you’re hard, like me, the Deep Tissue Massage is amazing. If you want something more gentle, I’ve heard the Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) is very relaxing and also spiritual.  

Anyway I just wrote this review on the whim as I realised I had found a treasure and not had the chance to share :) I can’t recommend Prodigious Hands enough, Licet is a very very very talented therapist. 

The company website is here.  Prices are very reasonable for what they are offering, I’ve been charged much more for much less.

I believe they will be changing premises soon, so best to call for the most recent information if you want to book.  Their number is; 07767 018021 and e-mail:

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  1. Zereen says

    Hey Row! Does she do facials too? Would love to find someone that does bespoke ones.

    • Rowena says

      Hey Zereen

      It says on her website she does a 45 minute facial massage for £30. I think I might try this out next time and maybe something different like reflexology 😀