Mascara Review Week, No. 2: Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara Review

Max Factor mascara’s are a bit of an institution – not one that I’ve had a chance to partake in until now, being lash challenged ‘an all!

Max Factors False Lash Effect mascara comes in an overweight tube, a little short fat thing which just takes up too much space in my dinky day to day make up bag.

But a false lash effect?! Yes please, bring it on!


The mascara brush is unusual – it’s plastic which very short bristles, which I like but it also feels a little bit cumbersome – I have to get the brush really close to my eyes to get the mascara on my lashes, and it’s a bit too stiff to work around the corners of the eye…


So the brush hasn’t won me over but I think it might work for girls with longer lashes…anyway….

I have to say this mascara is pretty effective with adding oomph and length. Just 2 coats and my lashes looked a lot longer.

They say:

Some other volumising mascaras only create volume at the base, the new False Lash Effect Mascara wraps each lash right to the tip for a false lash effect.

And they’re right, I did find that my lashes from root to tip were fuller, however, I found it a bit clumpy:


And here is the problem for me with the brush – with a comb brush (which I love) or even bristles, I can work the product a bit more and try and get the clumps out but it was so hard with this brush. Like Mr C after a large curry it was just too fat for me.

I do think the result is excellent though, I just think it needs a bit of work to get a really smooth finish:


The mascara is £7.99 at the moment at Boots.

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  1. says

    Oooh, I wonder why it went so clumpy on you…mine went clumpy, but only after I’d had it a few months – how bizarre. I do love this mascara though, not bad for £7.99!