Mascara that holds curl! Sony CP B&C Volume Up Fiber Mascara Review

Despite my disappointment at B&C’s Lash Sculpture mascara I decided to purchase their newest one, which is Volume Up Fiber. And it’s pink! How lovely!

I like the Sony CP cosmetic range and to be honest, I like BCL products in general just because they’re a bit different.

Here s the mascara:


Japanese mascara’s are pretty different to standard Western counterparts. They are always waterproof or water resistant – they’re drier, generally, never as wet as a L’oreal mascara just because the Asian lash can’t take the weight of the rich creamy texture..Packaging – wrong but so right:


The brush is fine too – it’s curved, it fits fine around the eye, I can’t complain about it really. You can see the fibers on this brush – I have a hit and miss success rate with fiber mascaras. Some work great, some irritate my eye so much.

Sometimes you don’t get irritated at first but you do towards the end of the day when the mascara starts to flake off.

No irritation with this one, thankfully.


And you know, it does what it’s supposed to do. This mascara promises 200% extra…length? I don’t know about that but it’s a massive improvement on my lashes – got lots of length, a bit of volume and a generally not too clumpy finish which I am pleased about.

It was also easy to apply and not too dry textured either. What it isn’t good for is too much layering – then it just looks crap, but 1-2 is fine.

1 layer:


Not as hard to remove as I thought either (the other B&C mascaras are used are a nightmare to get off). So yes I would certainly recommend this to someone who needs to hold curl, who wants length and a very waterproof mascara.

I bought this from, paid about £10 for it

What’s your latest, favourite mascara?

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  1. Pam says

    “What’s your latest, favourite mascara?” GAHHHH!!! It’s a source of frustration for me right now. I had been using the Integrate Volume and Curl which was really my HG, but then they went and changed the formula on me. Hello panda eyes, hello straightened lashes. So, I’m in the market again despite swearing to never be. A friend of mine has been raving about the Dior Iconic so I might give it a try. If I buy it from Sephora and it doesn’t work, I can return it. I am tempted to try Sony one (which is so odd because I associate Sony with stereo equipment) but the fibers SCARE me. My lashes are already like venus flytraps for all things flimsy and irritating to my eyes so I don’t want to give it more power. I saw on Adambeauty that they had the combo pack of the Heroine Make mascara and remover so I was going to give that a try. I bought Esprique Precious ruffle flare and the Fairy Drops volumeburst and they were both fails in terms of curl (I also discovered I don’t like tubing mascara).


  2. Jen says

    Omg your lashes are so long they nearly touch your brows!! Amazing!! I like the sound of this mascara, and it’s definitely a lot cheaper than my current favourite, the RMK double-ended one

  3. Shari says

    I love it! I’m using the Heroine Make right now, and am happy with those (have both the volume and the length ones) but what’s another mascara? And besides, I don’t have one with fibers in it yet! 😉

  4. Bronte says

    This sounds interesting! Can I ask if it is waterproof mascara which requires make up remover? or if its a warm water removal one?