Mascara Mission Post 6: Asciene & Anna Sui Waterproof

Ok, so maybe it takes a lot of dedication to test 30 mascaras out, and a lot of red eye. Nevertheless, I have plodded and decided to kill two birds with one stone..

First up Asciene Gentle PV Mascara:

The point of Asciene is that is it a range for sensitive skins, so this mascara, although very fibery shouldn’t irritate the eyes, or be hard to take off:

The teal eye again:

Now to be fair, every mascara I test will be used on its own on clean lashes, curled, with no base. I will only use one coat.

Lengthening – 8.5/10 – lots of fibres but non irritating, I like it!

Volumising – 5/10 – this is definately more lengthening that thickening. Infact when I applied a few coats it made little difference.

Brush – 8/10 – a small, unbristled brush, which I personally love, but it isn’t to everyones taste, esp if you have long lashes and want to get things done quickly!

Staying Power – 9/10 – no running, smudging, clumping. Not rub resistant though, but then, I shouldn’t be rubbing my eyes.

Smell – 9/10 – so scent equals good.

Clump or no Clump? – 8/10 – it’s not really clumpy, even though a lot of product comes out on the brush and needs to be wiped off. It is a thick products and with a few coats, its better to wait for each layer to dry.

Price – cost me (on sale) £6 from Adambeauty.Bargain, 8/10.

Packaging – Very small, simple bottle – I suppose thats part of the image. Looks a bit cheap but I won’t mind throwing it away (unlike with Faux Cils) 6/10

Ease Of Removal – 8/10 – washes off like KISS ME – with water. I don’t know if I like that sometimes cos you get bits of black all over your face but at least I don’t need to get a separate product. I recommend going in the shower to get this off, so the next person goes, “Urgh what’s this black stuff in the bath?!”

Curl Factor – 6.5/10 – ARGH! When I orginally got this I fell in love. It curled perfectly, and unlike my current favourite, SANA (for curling), it is easy to take off. But recently, only after 2 weeks, it has thickened up and so weighed down my Victoria Beckham weight lashes. Sob Sob.

Verdict – This is a nice mascara for the price, and if you like Kiss Me, this is a really good cheaper substitute. (Kiss me does nothing for my curl either) and it is a really nice lengthener which does not irritate the eyes despite the fibres in it. But for purposes of CURL HOLD, which I am obsessed with, this is another one for the reject bin.

————————————- PART DEUX ————————————

I have heard only good things about Anna Sui Mascaras so I bought the Waterproof Formula from the Bay.

I don’t know where my picture of the brush has gone, but the best way to describe it is that it is oval shaped, rounded with longish bristles; quite a standard brush.


*Yes, I have resorted to putting a different mascara on each eye*

Now to be fair, every mascara I test will be used on its own on clean lashes, curled, with no base. I will only use one coat.

Lengthening – 7/10 – not bad, but not as good as the Asciene.

Volumising – 7/10 – not bad again, and is a well balanced mascara that thickens and lengthens.

Brush – 6/10 – Because the brush is like a bee hive shape, thicker in the middle, it doesn’t get to the corners of *my* eye. It would work for those with long lashes.

Staying Power – 8/10 – Yes, very waterproof, no flaking or smudging.

Smell – 8/10 – For Anna Sui there is no real scent, which is good.

Clump or no Clump? – 6/10 – This formula is really thick, so there is some clumping even with one coat.

Price – 7/10 – I believe this is £14.50 which is quite a lot but you can get it for varying prices.

Packaging – 6/10 – Simple, black plastic. Almost too boring for a cute brand like Anna Sui.

Ease Of Removal – 4/10 – Like a lot of Waterproof Japanese Mascaras this is a killer to take off.

Curl Factor – 5/10 – This is heavy so it flops my lashes down.

Verdict – There was nothing extraordinary about this mascara…it flopped my lashes, it lengthened ok, it volumised ok, yet I don’t feel overwhelming love for it.

The other half nicely downloaded America’s Next Top Model, Season 9 and I watched the whole thing in a day:

Salisha of course won. Maybe it’s because I didn’t wait and long for a new episode week by week, but I wasn’t that enamoured with any of the girls. But I liked Salisha, even though she reminded me a lot of Rhianna, I thought she had a nice attitude generally. I was in love with Lisa though, with her Natalie Portman crossed with Alisha Keys beauty.

Anyway when I look at the Anna Sui Mascara, it sort of reminds me Salisha. Kind of a good all rounder, but she didn’t blow me away.

Not like:

Jo O’Meara, star of song and screen. If you don’t know her, google her…actually don’t. Go and eat some pasta instead.

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Ah, the lovely Jo O’Meara! A fairer English rose, I have not seen. Spreading love and peace wherever she goes with her tolerant world-view and her Adidas baseball cap. She’s like the Charver Mahatma Ghandi, she is!

    I also have supersensitive eyes (even without my contact lenses, which is probably why I don’t wear very much eye makeup)and the only mascara I’ve found that never irritated my eyes was Lancome’s Fatale, my all time favorite. It stayed on all day with nary so much as a smudge or flake.

  2. Anonymous says

    Will you be trying the latest Clarin’s wonderlength mascara? I’ve got a sample of it which i think is pretty good but i’ve also heard that sample mascaras are always better than the real sized ones… something to do with the length of the brush….

  3. Row says

    Hey MandyPandy – I also have Fatale. I can imagine its a beautiful mascara on those with more blessed lashes on mine. I plan on testing it on the other half who has the most incredible lashes but he says no (so far). But tis quite a heavy mascara so I already know it looks well clumpy and heavy on my tiny lashes, grrrr. But still, research purposes and all that!

    Anonymous –

    Hey I Clarins Wonder Curl Mascara which I will review shortly. So far I noticed that the Clarins has a dry texture (which sometimes works better than a sloppy one on short straight lashes).

    I haven’t compare a tester brush vs a normal full sized one, but I may well do that. Could it be to do with control?