Mascara Mission Post 5: Imju Fiberwig Mascara

Next Mascara for testing, is Imju Fiberwig.

A bit of a cult item, this has been the number one seller in Japan, due its supposed lengthening and curling abilities. There are a lot of fibers in this Mascara, so a few coats is supposed to give the false lash effect (but allow 10 seconds between each coat).

So I tracked one down on Ebay selling for around £10.

The brush head is big, considering that this is a Japanese product – normally for short lashes, a smaller brush is a bit more user friendly, but lets not be judgemental…

Sorry only two pics this time.


Now to be fair, every mascara I test will be used on its own on clean lashes, curled, with no base. I will only use one coat.

Lengthening – Very good. It gives those sort of slightly spidery long lashes, but they are long. 8/10.

Volumising – Nope, not this one. 4/10. But you can try applying more layers.

Brush – Bit big for mini lashes? But nice if you already have lush lashes. 6/10

Staying Power – Very good. No smudging or running, like a lot of Japanese mascaras. 9/10.

Smell – No scent! which is good….

Clump or no Clump? – When I applied 3 coats there was a bit of clumping but not much. 8/10

Price – Neither cheap not expensive but for ladies out of Asia, shipping may add on cost, 7/10

Packaging – Simple red tube, nothing to write home about. 5/10

Ease Of Removal – Not as tough as some mascara’s but leaves those annoying little fibers, 6/10

Curl Factor – Erm – none. Ziltch. Zero. Nada. Not for me and I really tried to make this work. It did not hold any curl for me. I’ll be nice and give it 1/10 because it must work for someone.

Verdict – Despite the raves I have a huge problem with this mascara and that is the fibre content. I have a lot of mascaras with fibres in it, but this Deja Vu one irritates my eyes like crazy! I have a powder product which is pure fibres (for lashes) and that can irritate but no where near this product. I wonder if it is the brush? But seriously, if I put this on, I have to be very very careful only to get the tips. The pain is instant. Also there is no curling hold, or curl enhancement. It made my lashes poker straight by weighing them down and keeping them straight. I can’t honestly say there are much redeeming features for me. It is a nice lengthener.

So overall score….3/10. Don’t shoot me, please.

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