Mascara Mission Post 4: YSL Faux Cils!

YSL Faux Cils is one of those consistently complimented products with many, many fans. Coming in a signature flashy gold tube, it certainly makes you feel glamorous…

I didn’t realise but I have four tubes in different colours:

Black, Blue, Burgundy and Purple. My favorite is the blue, which really stands out and the warm burgundy:

So onwards with the test. Faux Cils has a very noticable scent which I personally would describe as ‘old dressing table’. It used to give me a headache but it grew on me. The colours are very strong and vivid and I find the texture to be quite thick and gloopy. So of course, I had my doubts as to wheather this would work for my kinda lashes.

The truh is it doesn’t work brilliantly as a curling mascara (which is what I wanted to find with these tests – the best curling mascara) – but it is the perfect thickening mascara. Thus it works well as a topping mascara on a base, or on a mascara that can hold curl.

Pictures of one coat:

Lashes are nicely separated, and it is the type of mascara you can really build up!

Now to be fair, every mascara I test will be used on its own on clean lashes, curled, with no base. I will only use one coat.

Lengthening – 7/10

Volumising – 9/10

Brush – 7/10 (This brush is not so good on puny lashes.)

Staying Power – 7/10 (Faux Cils does flake on me towards the end of the day).

Smell – 5/10 (It is heavily scented and it gave me headaches at first. I don’t see why mascara needs a scent anyway!).

Clump or no Clump? – 8/10 (No clumping, not from a new tube anyway.)

Price – 7/10 (This is expensive! £19)

Packaging – 10/10 (Full on sexy glamour baby. But a bit clunky for carrying around perhaps?)

Ease Of Removal – 9/10 (Easy pease with eye make up remover)

Curl Factor – 5/10 (Does nothing for curls).

Verdict – Overall, 7.5/10 For curling, 5/10.

Anyway, you that produce MUA girls love, Shiseido Lash Base? I decided to try it out with YSL Faux Cils…and it really helped retain curl, but it was pretty clumpy. I think I went overboard with the lash base however. A comb after applying the base and after application would sort it out (BUT, combing lashes can straighten them out).

Pics of my evil eyes – note, I have been tired lately so excuse the evil glances:

See, Shiseido Lash Base makes a big difference in terms of holding curl but needs to be applied sparingly. Otherwise its clump-city.

So there you go, another one down, another twenty mascaras to go!

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  1. choibokiu says:

    good job!

    wah! 20! *goes to your house to try them* =P

    I love my shiseido base… =)

  2. I used to love colored mascara (blue was my fave) how refreshing to see these!

  3. karen, says:

    girl, I wanna see these in color! They look like fun!

  4. Since I’m doing this blues this weekend I’ll try the blue mascara with the blue liner & eye colours 😀 You’ll be able to see me from the US!

  5. hi sorry i can speak english but, you use wrong,paint smeared your eyelids, you must to very quick application, wait for dry, and apply second coat 1-2 minutes after ,paint is little oily and wet, if you apply with speed you will get very beautiful result many thanks
    (you must translation my mesage, i hope everybody can understand),