Mascara Mission Post 2 – Shu Uemura Length & Waterproof

I first tried mascara when I was 17. I think it was Maybelline Volume Express. I loved how thick it made my lashes thick but it definately made my lashes flop like mad, and ran everywhere. This was the waterproof version too – so I gave up altogether untill one day, I went for a Shu Uemura make over.

Still one of my favourite MA’s ever, Vicky at Shu Uemura, Manchester, did a quick make up on me. She knew how to do a Chinese eye, which was impressive. Then she curled my lashes, and applied a mascara. How much was it? £16. Eek, that’s a lot me thought, for a product I rarely used so I passed.

When I got home I realised something was odd with my eyes. The looked – wider. Brighter. Alive, baby, alive.

My lashes were not only curled (properly) but they had three coats of black mascara and looked wide, dark, thick and most of all, they had held the most amazing curl.

I poked and prodded to see if it would move, but no, my curly lashes were there to stay. Needless to say, I went back for this product the next day.

So for me, this Shu Uemura mascara, though having its faults, is really the one that showed my what a appropiate mascara can do. Choose the right mascara for your lashes! Zat is da key!

Here are my two Length & Waterproof Mascaras –

In Blue & Black. What I really love about the brush is that it is very small and gets to all the little hairs on the bottom lashes and on the top corner.

Here are the results on my lashes:

Now to be fair, every mascara I test will be used on its own on clean lashes, curled, with no base. I will only use one coat.


Lengthening – 8/10. Makes my puny lashes look very long.

Volumising – 5/10. This is not for ladies who want lots of volume but for people with lashes like mine who want length more than short thick lashes, this mascara is preferable.

Brush – 8/10. The brush is ideal for short lashes.

Staying Power – 9/10. This is waterproof, bath proof, shower proof.

Smell – No scent.

Clump or no Clump? – Clumps after a month.

Price – 6/10. £16 is pretty steep.

Packaging – 4/10. Plain and ugly container especially for the price.

Ease Of Removal – 3/10. Well, it is waterproof, but it is also Eye Makeup Remover proof and I use an array of eye make up removers. This is a bummer to take off – to truly remove it you need to use remover then give the lashes a comb. One of the reasons why we don’t love each other so much anymore.

Curl Factor – 7.5/10. Still one of the best mascaras around for retaining and enhancing curl. You’ll see what I mean when we look at the other mascaras.


I can’t fault this for keep poker straight lashes in shape, but it is a real pain to remove. It also feels very dry on the lashes (as most waterproof mascaras do in fairness), and after a month there are signs of minor clumping. The price is pretty steep, and you may prefer one of the other Shu mascara’s (soon to be reviewed!) BUT – the brush on this products is wonderful (I always wash and keep the brushes).

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  1. karen, says

    I have this in black. It’s the first Shu mascara I’ve ever tried and I actually thought I had a defective brush. Now I can see that they are all bent that way! The things I learn from ya!

  2. Row says


    I swear to god that they weren’t bent when I first got them! But they seem to have become bent?!