MAQUillage True Eye Shadow BL231 Review and Swatches

I haven’t bought MAQUillage cosmetics in so long; it was one of the original Japanese brands that fuelled my love of high end cosmetics, and yet I struggle to find anything interesting from the brand. That’s because like many Japanese beauty brands, the range focuses on very wearable, subtle, shimmery, light textures – it’s practical, it’s perfect for the working woman, and yet it’s not that interesting for a beauty blogger to review. 

After such a long absence, I decided to have a dabble by buying two of the True Eye Shadow palettes – one of them pictured here, BL231 which is a Limited Edition release for spring 2014.  I also purchased a pretty standard brown palette from the permanent range. 

MAQUillage True Eye Shadow BL231 Review and Swatches

Why did I decide to buy one of these?  I guess I had been looking for very very easy to wear, wearable palettes that come with a big of everything in one small case.  These eyeshadow palettes are rather nice and are worth a punt for a number of reasons!

Here is the compact – a really good size, it fits into my make up bag with no problems without being too chunky. There’s a good size mirror, 4 applicator (heads), 4 colours and a setting powder for under the eyes too.  The limited edition set is white, usually it is a pale pink. 

MAQUillage True Eye Shadow BL231 Review and Swatches 1

These eyeshadows are extremely extremely soft and blendable, they are like butter for smoothness.  I can’t think of another eyeshadow I have that is as silky as these.  

They are also quite shimmery in a lovely way; the shimmer is superfine, none-irritating and pretty.  

Pigmentation is average but the colours are designed to be wore in a sheer way so this is to be expected.  The darkest liner colour is quite pigmented, it can be used wet to build up but once again, this isn’t the palette you want if you want drama. 

These also blend SO well I can’t tell you – they’re foolproof.  They’re almost like cream, they spread so well. 

This palette:

MAQUillage True Eye Shadow BL231 Review and Swatches 2

So it goes (top to bottom, left to right) – Base highlighting shade (sheer off white), lid colour (a periwinkle shade), under eye powder for dark circles – this stuff is THE BOMB. It’s so silky it applies like a cream and totally brightens up the under eye area – a crease shade and a liner shade. 

I quite like this combination – it’s about as fun as these palettes get – and although the colours are subtle I quite like the greyish look I get from it. 

Here it is on me:

MAQUillage True Eye Shadow BL231 Review and Swatches 3
These palettes cost around £30 so are not very cheap but the quality is excellent and it’s perfect if you want a very blendable, easy to wear colour.  I’ve been wearing them quite a lot because they are just so easy although because of how neutral they are, I have no great urge to add more to my collection. 
I purchased mine from eBay.  
Have you ever tried MAQUillage true Eye Shadow?
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