Maquillage Neo Climax – Controversy!

I think Maquillage make some of the best lipsticks and glosses around..I really do.

I bought five colours from the New Climax colours – this one being by far my favourite – RS755:

It’s a cool toned rose with shimmers.

The tube is unusal as it looks like a lipstick, you it actually plastic, so you swivel it and the colour comes out.

The thing is – I rarely finish any make up because I have so many items I rotate them all. I must have used this baby – I don’t know, thirteen times? I never stick to any one colour so imagine my shock when I was applying the other day and “click – click” – it had run out!

I gave it a moment to calm down and get a grip, and clicked again. Had I broken it? Had I been applying it in my sleep. Nope. This gloss which had cost me in the region of £11 had ran out in two months and a few clicks.

I particuraly love this shade, so I may repurchase…but as for the other colours I own, nope, I don’t think it’s very good value. It also seems a bit of a waste throwing the packaging away (might give it to the lil lady to play with).

Now if this colour came in a lipstick form, it would last for years. Maybe what I need to do is to scrape any remains and hunt down the perfect nude-rose-pink?

I am sure it would have to be a Japanese brand that could do a good dupe though – when I think of my Nars and MAC colours they are always flatter than my Japanese lipsticks.

*ding* – don’t Prescriptives do a colour blend service? *makes a date in the diary*….

** A lovely MUAer informed me that my tube is probably faulty because what should happen is that the tube becomes white as the gloss is pushed out. I have twisted, kicked and squeezed this tube but no more colour will come out so its a no-no for me. :( )

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  1. Jeda21 says

    I recently found my favorite soft rose pink color *which is like a nude but with a wee bit o shimmer for my lip tone*
    Please give it a looksie and see if it’s something you’d like to replace this current controversial product. It’s L’Oreal Paris USA’s HIP High Intensity Pigment Intensely Moisturizing Lipcolor in Moxie. I don’t know if they sell this product out by you, but if you can get your hands on a sample I’d check it out. I was not having any luck with other Chanel or MAC products until I found this color, which is my dream soft rose pink.

  2. Row says

    Hey Jeda

    Thanks for this! I don’t have access to Loreal HIP but I can normally get the brand from Ebay! So I will check it out. Everyone needs the perfect nudey-pink-little-shimmer lip colour eh? I haven’t been able to find the dream colour from MAC or Chanel either…and also the Maquillage one is a gloss and it would be nice to have it in a lipstick form!

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Christina says

    Which other colors did you buy?

    I’m thinking of getting PK221 and RD422 – are they sheer?