Maquillage & Majolica Majorca Palettes Review!

It feels like a life time ago since Majolica Majorca released the Frozen Princess range.

I love the Majolica Majorca
website. Each time they use a cardboard 2D style picturebook, in a stop motion animation style. The amount of work that goes into it, the music, the design in incredible.

Anyway – the actual products I bought were the two eyeshadow sets:

One is a white/silver palette that is very light, the other is a light pink shimmer. I would have preferred more of a contrast of colours and at least one strong shade would be nice. I found that the powders were soft and lovely, but there is an issue with staying powder. The glitter easily falls off without a cream base.

This is the lash topcoat which is silver glitter:

I have a similar Lavshuca one – lovely! But they are big chunks of glitter. When applied to the tips they are quite nice, but it does take a few layers.

I am not a polish girl but I loved all three of these shades;

The pink is a beautiful colour, full of sparkles as is the silver, although that is less original. The black is nice and a realy party colour but the glittery particles I think are too chunky to wear day to day if you are over 18!

Finally I bought the Snow Carat powder:

There’s not lots to say about this; it is a white shimmer powder which from the container I presume is more for body than face although it can be used under the brows, on the cheeks etc. It is cute in the packaging but not by any means a must have product.

Packaging: 3/5

Quality: 3/5

Value: 3/5

Overall – 3/5!

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  1. petitebelle says

    hello, i stumbled upon your blog and i love it! you are quite lucky to have access to Japanese brands because here in the US it’s almost impossible to get my hands on them unless I order online. :( anyway hope you don’t mind if i link you!