Man Friday: Wentworth Miller

Prison Break is one of the worst shows in terms of dialogue, plot and acting in the WORLD after Hollyoaks.  But there is a reedeming light in the show and he is called Wentworth Miller.

Who the hell is called Wentworth anyway?  It doesn’t matter when you look like this:

Wentworth has the right mix between thuggish good looks and intelligence.  Oh and sensitivity.

He was born in England (me too!) and has a mum and dad (me too!) and he graduated from Princeton with a Degree in English Literature (me too!  But not a Princeton, d’oh).

Wentworth is 36 and has no wife.  He is probably, most likely, Gay.  There I said it.  Do you know any decent, intelligent, gorgeous, sucessful men at 36 who don’t have a wife?  You can’t count George Clooney as he’s old and concited, and prbaly gay too.

He’s supposed to be very private and all – not a publcity whore even though he coud be.

I can’t think of anything else to say about him – oh he looks terrible with hair.

Just enjoy:

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  1. says

    Yes, he is gay. All the hot ones are (damn them). Le sigh!

    That said, there’s nothing remotely thug-like about our Wenty. He’s as pretty as they come. He also looks like he’d scream like a little school-girl if he chipped a nail.

  2. says

    He is cute,talented & adorable to no end.Stop saying he’s gay,he’s gay.
    Beeng single doesn’t mean he is.If he is not it’s good for him if he is it’s still good 4 him 2 keep his life private

    • Row says

      Hi Sherry

      Amazingly enough, there is a tinge of humour in the post. And anyway, lets examine the evidence: 37 years old, absolutely gorgeous, well educated, sucessful and….single….never married….I know many single, straight men that fit the above criter…oh wait, I don’t.

      Of course he can keep his private life private – I for one disagree with Perez Hilton’s determination to make possible gay actors/popstars ‘come out’ if they don’t want too but as a heart-throb (and Wentworth is 100% a heart-throb – god knows its not his acting skills that keeps me watching Prison Break) people are going to be interested in his private life. It comes with the territory.