Man Beauty: Gatsby Oil Clear Wet Paper for Blotting the Oilies!

Gatsby is a Japanese brand that sells haircare and I believe some skincare products for the male of the species.

I bought some of the Oil Clear Wet Paper just because I was totally intrigued – wet blotting paper?!

Gatsby Oil Clear WEt Paper Oil Slick.jpg

Actually this chubby pack of wipes is rather effective. I could smell the alcohol in it, and it sort of neutralises any oiliness and cleanses the skin…

Gatsby Oil Clear Wet Paper Oil Blotting Sheets.jpg

So I can see why this is a mans product. This will take any make up off (its quite a nice refresher for the skin if you are intending to reapply make up).

It would be great for beach days for example – but not for days when you want your make up to stay put!

For a guy, its great!

The sheets are similar to wet wipes:

Gatsby Oil Slick Sheets.jpg

All in all an interesting product, I think its great that Gatsby makes these kind of products for guys – who wants to walk around with a oily sweaty face, a la David Cameron?!

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