Male Waxing Services & My Brow Wax at Benefit Covent Garden!

I popped into Benefit Covent Garden for a brow wax with Mr Darren Seale, waxing expert and in the process roped in Mr C (he was lucky, it could’ve been a sack and crack).


I’ve never been into the Benefit boutique before and it’s kinda cute, and the brow bar is well equipped with the necessary tools; wax, dye, steriliser!

The boutique:


My brows are fairly neat apart from the fluffy strays which are everywhere! So Darren decided to tint them quickly (only took 2 mins) and wax from below and above, the tweezing away the extra fluffy bits.

I’ve never had a brow wax before unless you count the cold Veet strips which I half heartedly stuck under my brows then pulled off slowly because I chickened out…

Everything is very quick and very efficient. Dye, on and off, hot wax, on and off. It hurt, like OUCH and stung a little, but is quicker than threading with is more of a continual pain.

Mr C also said it was OUCHIE but could live with it (macho macho) and also, Darren said that the key to a neat male brow which doesn’t look waxed is just taking away the strays but keeping the shape straight and broad.

Mr C’s brow:


Now – afterwards my brow was stinging like crazy. It looks like I had a reaction or something and it sort of scabbed over and now is almost back to normal (2 days later thanks to an amazing heal gel I will review later).


The good thing about this is that I have spoken to the team at Benefit and they may incorporate patch tests so that future clients won’t end up with a sort brow-sore hehe.

Oh here’s a better picture of my brows after (I had a make over, pictures of that too follow but you can see the shape Darren did for me):


To be frank, I am a bit scared of brow waxing now but I do have delicate skin. Other ladies (and gents) have been fine with it, so I’d suggest if you are sensitive like me, to get a patch test first.

To make an appointment with Darren or enquire about prices (they vary) call the boutique on 0207 379 0316.

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  1. says

    I don’t think you’ve had a reaction I think they’ve taken a layer of skin off. Did it kind of weep? I’ve done that before when I’ve waxed myself.
    Glad its feeling better now – looking forward to the healing gel review I think I need that always hurting myself

  2. Jen says

    Ouuchhhh…almost looks like they took a chunk out of you skin with the wax! Can’t wait to hear what the amazing healing gel is :) When I had mine tinted and waxed at Benefit, it was in the middle of Boots with people walking past and gawping at me looking like Shin-Chan o_O

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      I know I go so red that I won’t get anything like that done in public. Certainly not the tache!

  3. says

    Do you use any retinoids in your skincare routine? That might be why your skin seems to have peeled.

    Then again, this sort of thing always happens to me and is precisely why I stopped waxing entirely. It was so embarrassing to walk around with red browbones for two days! Now I just walk around with hairy browbones because I forget to pluck sometimes… and that’s a lot better obviously.

    • Row says

      Hi Katie

      No I don’t use any retinoids I keep my routine super simple cos my skin is so sensitive :) I have to say I don’t think I’ll be waxing again – the service is very efficent but I am already suffering a lot of red bumps x

  4. Jen says

    They did offer me a lip and chin wax (I think that’s what they call it anyways!) at the same time…I politely declined 😀

  5. says

    Looks like a little bit of skin lifting – sometimes happens when the skin isn’t get tight enough. Brows can be a bit of a bugger for this which is why I do each area in two stages to help keep it tight. A lot of places now will use a very light oil on the skin before the wax is applied. This works wonders in making the whole thing a lot more comfortable for the client.

    Mr C’s came out very well. And if you want a report on a Sack and Crack wax send him up to Wolverhampton. ;o)


    • Row says

      Hi Mat

      I mentioned the sack and crack to him, his eyes watered and he ran away.

      Eek a few people have said to me the problem with my brow is that the skin wasn’t pulled :( It was very sore I have to say, has scared me off waxing for that particular area!