Making Home Made Beauty Products

I was sorting through some boxes when I came across my soap making supplies, from when I made cold processed soap. It was like pandora’s box – I have tons of essential oils, flavours for lip products, waxes, butters and oils that I hadn’t touched for a while.

So then I thought – why not add a new category to the blog teaching you how to make your own beauty products? Its a lot easier than you think and good fun too. Since its the summer holidays, mums may find it a good way to keep the small ones entertained.

I already have a few tutorials in mind, but do any of the following appeal?

I'd like to know how to make handmade....

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** New Category Added: Homemade Beauty **

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    You’re so productive, CC. I did a post on ‘beauty from the larder’ but all I really volunteered was slapping a bit of egg on your face. Your recipes sound a lot more pro. Tell us them all!