Make Up Store Carnaby Street Haul & I love Sofia Vergara

I was down in London a few weeks ago and I visited Make Up Store in Carnaby street again to buy ONE EYESHADOW. Just one. And instead I ended up with a rather big (but very nice!) haul!


I bought 2 blushers, 2 shadows, 2 high tech lighters (I have to buy most things in 2’s), got 3 lipsticks, a lipliner and lip gloss.

I went a few months ago and hauled. I was also corrected that the Make Up Store lids do come off for easy access for make up artists – I thought it was faulty. I do think it still flips off a little easily though but I can live with it.

Once again I got great customer service in there! The girls were a bit chatty with each other and one of them did spend about 20 minitues applying blusher to herself but the lady who did help me was great.

First off, I did not intend to buy an lipsticks but the lipstick stand is right next to the till and I got carried away. I bought two sheers, Glow (white pearl) and Sheer Lust (sparkly lilac) and Onyx (reason will become clear at the end of the post!).


I have every lip colour so I always hunt down slightly weird shades…
Glow and Sheer Lust are weird. They are glossy lipsticks – not too soft, with a hint of sparkle. Glow is a nightmare on it’s own and should be used as a highlighter such as on the cupids bow or in the middle of the bottom lip to add fullness.

Sheer Lust is a sheer purple and can be used over another shade or on it’s own a frost princess kind of look. I like it!

Onyx is a reddish-nude-brown. So not my usual kind of shade. It’s a creme lipstick and it has a nice texture – not particularly creamy but it’s decent.


The shadow I was there for was aquarius and it’s just stunning, everything I remembered it to be. So pigmented! So bold! Jubilee is a whimsical purchase, a black with gold sparkles in it.

I noticed a lot of gorgeous shades this time (last time Mr C was stood over my shoulder so as most of you ladies know, having your man there kills your make up shopping libido). I saw a coral, a brown blue…lots of gorge shades. Next time.


The Make Up Store shadows are pretty big, these will last forever. I am so impressed by their pigmentation although I’d say not every shade I swatched was so pigmented:


I love how the gold glitter is seamlessly entwined with the black!

I got two blushers, both peach-orange based, Lush a matte and Oh So Fresh a ridiculously sparkly blush.


Lush is a very warm peach with a reddish base. I read about this shade on a lot of blogs but to be honest I find the base of the colour too red and it will make me look flushed (I have high colour already). It’s also matte and one of those shades that if you apply too much off looks very clownish and clings to your dry patches.

Oh so Fresh is just a bit of fun – also fun for the eyes – and I really like it. Talk about the need to be subtle though – so sparkly! But it’s cute and fresh.


I then picked up two High Tech Lighters. For something a bit different I got Energy which is a icy blue and Space which is a black.


You only need a little bit of these products seriously – otherwise they’re all greasy! The blue I think can add nice highlights to the eyes and lips, the black I was thinking of using as a base for eyeshadow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Anyway onto lips! I have been looking for a shade – orangey brown – for ages – taking a picture of the gorgeous Sofia Vergara around with me to various counters and boy was that useless. I can’t believe how many make up counter girls showed me a hot pink lipstick when the shade I wanted was clearly a orangey brown!.

So I asked the lady at make up store and she recommended Onyx (the lipstick above) mixed with Nude Beauty Lipliner (quite basic shade) and Posh lipgloss on top:


The pencil is fine, it’s just a standard lipliner.

The lip gloss I REALLY like! It’s quite pigmented and glossy! I didn’t have time to look at more shades but I will next time:


Here’s the picture I took:


The resulting lip – what do you think? Looking at it there I think it’s a pretty close match (it’s the lipliner and lipstick and gloss on top):


I really like Make Up Store! Wish they had a online store though.

What have you hauled lately and do you like Make Up Store products?

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  1. says

    Great matching on the lips, glad you finally found it- I can’t believe anyone in the world would have given you a pink based on that picture, Make Up Store looks like a fun line, but am I correct in remembering that they’re UK only? Also, curious what the price point is, even if I cant get them here!

  2. Katie says

    The result is gorgeous! But.. MAC Freckletone would give you the colour and gloss in one! Highly recommended and easily paired down to a nude with a nude gloss! I’m definitely not sure if I personally would buy anything for Make Up Store, is it just me or does everything feel a bit chalky almost? :/

  3. says

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the lips! How gorgeous! Thank goodness the makeup lady paid attention to the photo. I am in love with those pigmented shadows – wow. I’m surely hoping you acquire more so we can see your awesome swatches on here! 😀 xx

  4. says


    “Make Up Store looks like a fun line, but am I correct in remembering that they’re UK only? ”
    **In response to the above quote – Make Up Store is a Swedish Brand and can be found in a number of counties – including Iceland, Thailand, London, Amsterdam and now in Denver, USA. They are continuing to expand outward. (dominating one country at a time…lol!!)

    The online store has been requested ALOT the past year among alot of other products and though the online shop has been considered, it will probably take a bit more time as the company is still extending out in physical stores.

    And as for the lids of the products, if you still feel that they are loose, you can request to exchange it for a “tighter” one or ask for a reclaimation. Make Up Store products are generally high in quality and low in price but the packaging has changed from clear lids to the flip ones so it is understandable that there still are a few glitches…We pride ourselves in being a service minded company and therefore are always willing to help with any complaints of the products :)

    I do hope this clears up a few things, and if you want to see other swatches or looks using Make Up Store products, my blog provides that!

    OTHER THAN THAT, awesome haul and lovin’ your blog! xx

    Make Up Artist,
    Make Up Store, Sweden.