Make Up Storage

It is always interesting to see how people store their make up! Simple storage crates, dressing tables, plastic units…at the moment I am in desperate need for more space! (or less make up!?). I use these drawers from ikea (I have two):

In cream and red. At £20 they are good value and can be found here:

Sorry, I am still figuring out how to link!

I then use these drawer dividers from Lakeland – they fit the above drawers very well if you are willing to remove the larger tray (which can be used anyway on its own in a drawer or on top of it):

All in all, it leaves a clear and organised system (although it doesn’t account for over stuffing drawers!)

Find them here:!5122

I bought 3 sets for £5.99 each, and that was more than enough for one cabinet.

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