Make Up Junkie in Training

This is my beloved 7 Year old Cousin!

She’s a real pain sometimes but the funniest person I know! I was *babysitting* her and fell asleep. She knows how to record videos using imovie HD, and when I passed out, she had used some of make up to make this video!

It was too cute not to share!

Considering she just made it, I thought she was a real pro! I can’t even speak in front of a camera so fluently.

Check out her eyeliner technique! I couldn’t stop laughing!

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  1. Row says

    She wants to make another video now! She wants to be an internet star!!hehe.

    The funny thing was, I woke up and looked at her – I was thinking, why has she got black under her eye?!

  2. the Muse says

    LOL! Yes please do more Megan! We want to be enlightened by your amazing tutorials!

    Hehe the liner looked fab! I may start doing mine like that. Seems easier too 😉

  3. Row says

    Hi Miffy!

    Yes it is Hakka you hear! And I thought no one would notice. Do you speak Hakka yourself? it was my nan talking to me over Megan’s video! She always does that!