Make Up For Ever Mini Eye Pencil Set

I loveee eye pencils, I could just buy them all day and then end up using the same one everyday:


Roughly speaking, my favourite eye pencils are:

1. Urban Decay 24/7 (every damn shade)
2. Anna Sui Waterproof Eye Pencil (the Khaki is amazing)
3. Nars (Kyoto, Kaliste, Black Moon)
4. Shu Uemura Drawing Pencils (got all the shades, but doesn’t work well on the waterline)
5. Chanel Kohls (but not much of a shade selection).

I have sensitive eyes and watery ones at that so I need a pencil to be very soft and creamy, and most don’t come off easily on my waterline since it’s always a bit moist (why does moist sound like a rude word?!).

I got the MUFE eye pencil set for some stupid over inflated price from eBay. This is what happens when you insult your American penpal. You have to resort to buying US stuff via eBay – sigh.


Here they are. The pencils are TIDGY! And they are super irritating to open because the lids are stuck on tight and I nearly snapped 2 of them trying to pull the lid off. The shade selection is nice although I would have liked a green there.


MUFE is a lovely brand. It’s like the grown up sister of MAC, MAC being the whorey sister who does anything she can for attention.

These pencils are lovley and creamy, and so far, it seems to come off fine on my waterline. They are supposed to be waterproof and if you give it a little while to set, it does indeed, stay put.

So far so good! You US ladies can get a bargain since its on sale at Sephora.

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  1. sue says

    Which eyeliner would you say is the best for waterline? I have a “moist” problem too. I’ve tried MUFE Aqua Eyes and Dior Crayon Eyeliner Waterproof. Both withstand oil but not water sadly.

  2. Row says

    Hey Sue!

    Honestly? the only one that really clings is Urban Decays 24/7 – try shades like Covet (green) and the dark blue one they are amazing – they come off so easily. Otherwise you know what I always do ? Just use eyeshadow with a wet brush as a liner, it’s the only thing that will come off x

  3. says

    I exchanged my Urban Decay liner set for this last week. I couldn’t get the caps off either! I had to get my bf to do it…

    Its on sale at Sephora? I haven’t seen that online but it
    would be nice!

    Btw if you ever want anything sent over just let me know! I wouldn’t mind as I love shopping, even if its for other people :)

  4. says

    Well, it’s not exactly a bargain here in the States, but I digress…

    Is MUFE really not available in the UK? It stinks that you’d have to utilize the chunnel just to get your hands on some products.

  5. says

    I’ve been thinking about the MUFE and I got the Urban Decay via ebay too..whew..good thing it works well..I’ve seen some reviews saying MUFE is more pigmented, now I’m lemming for it..I wonder..hmm..thanks for your good eyeliner lists :)

  6. says

    omg…I’d wish they sold MUFE aqua eye pencils in minis! They’d probably be still overpriced (in singapore) but it’d be nice to have something small and so waterproof to carry and use..