Make Up Brushes

Every so often, when I can’t find a single clean brush or my pink eyeshadow comes out black, I know it’s time to clean my brushes. (I do it every month! Honest!).

It has become real therapy for me! There’s something relaxing about cleaning away, rinsing away the colours and being left with lots of clean brushes.

I use various products and methods. I don’t personally use Baby Shampoo although it is great and a cost effective choice becase I like fast drying times.

So far the products in my cupboard are:

MAC Brush Cleaner. I have bought this twice and to be honest its a bizarre product. Neither strong enough on its own to cleanse (unlike Isopropyl Alcohol) but not shampoo-y either. It barely lathers. I swirled my brushes in this then rinsed and it really didnt do much. I used half a bottle yesterday during cleaning and consoled myself with the fact that I can use it for Back To Mac for a free lippie!

Paula Dorf does two types on Brush Cleaners, a spray on and a bath one which is the one I have:

This has a very slippery texture like a super lathery shampoo, which should be used by squeezing on the palm, then rubbing the brushes on it, then rinse.

It is a nice economical item, but it is quite hard to rinse out, and one does not want to be too rough with out precious brushes! it also leads to a sensitive palm, and wrinkly fingers!

Next, I have:

Shu Uemura’s brush cleaner. Very good at removing dirt – swirl the brush in this and wipe on to a kitchen towel to get it clean. it can take ages to get completely clean though and to be honest, looking at the ingredients, it is pretty much the same as Isopropyl Alcohol. Difference is price, Shu is around £8.00 for 250ml, you can get 1 Litre of I.A. for £8…

Isopropyl Alcohol (I must have spelt that a million different ways by now!) is a quick, bacteria cleaning, fast drying formula which really cleans quickly. It is economical too, you can buy this from chemists and car places. The only problem with this is that it can be harsh, so it shouldn’t be used all the time. But it is very quick and efficent. I would alternate using this and the Paula Dorf shampoo when the brushes need a really good clean.

I am going to sneak a little pic in here of my favourite Make Up Brush – Shu Uemura Kolinsky Brush –

This is the 12s described on the Shu Website as:

“For powder, cream and liquid eye shadow color. The bristles are soft, smooth and firm. An exquisite texture only found in Kolinsky. The brush has the right density at the tip of the brush to produce firm strokes that reflect color in its truest, most intense form. A brush developed for professional use. An InStyle Best Beauty Buy.”

What I will say is that I cost me £150 quid. I can’t believe I said that out loud. But it will last a lifetime and the next…I hope I have daughters, I really do, or a cross dressing son.

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