Make Up Bag, the Tardis!

Every now and then I feel the need to change make up bags. I always look for something not too big, not to small, expandable, washable, cute….

So I found this:

Its not tooooo big *by make up junkie standards

But look what I can get in it!

1. Jill Stuart Powder Foundation

2. Armarni Bronze Ochre Palette

3. Pixi Blush in Peach

4. Nars Lipstick in Senorita

5. RMK Lipstick in 21

6. Lunasol Lipstick in Shiny Coral

7. Armarni Lip Wax in 4

8. Mini Clinique Illuminator

9. RMK Gloss in Beige Gold

10. RMK Gloss in Brown Rose

11. MAQUillage Concealer

12. SUQQU curlers

13. Clinqiue Lipliner in nude

14. Nars Black Moon Eyeliner

15. Aube dual eyeliners x 3 shades

16. Shu Uemura Blusher Brush

17. Shu Uemura Duo x 2

18. Mascara SANA Extra Long

total: 21 Items.

Generally when I get something new I’m so excited about it, I add it to the make up bag.  I have cosmetics I use in the morning and I don’t really touch whats in the make up bag, I leave it in my work bag and use it for touch ups (which if I am honest is rare, but I like to be prepared!).  There will also be days when I just don’t have time to apply make up in the flat and will do it in the car.

Whats in your make up bag?

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