Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap Collection 2011: Caramelisee & Sugar Cookie Eyeshadows

Majolica Majorca’s lastest collection is called Sugary Trap; it’s all about the sugary cookie look!

I haven’t bought MJ in ages -unlike most people I can’t stand their mascara and I find the eyeshadows dull although visually the range is beautiful as is their website:


Sugary Trap totally captured my heart this time though! Maybe it’s something about the colours all look delicious (I purchased 4 items in the end – I’m a bit bitter about the pencil and powder I bought because they ended up costing me a fortune).

There are two new Jeweling Eyes compacts, in Caramelisee (golden sugary browns) and Sugar Cookie (sweet sparkly pinks):


Majolica Majorca cases are so plastic-y and yet they get away with it! It still looks beautiful.

Caramelisee BR631 is quite an unusual palette – everything is brown toned but kind of teddy bear brown; a golden brown, suede brown, copper brown, chocolate brown. The palette is very warm toned:


Pigmentation is ok. All the Majolica Majorca shadows I find have decent pigmentation – I’m not whooping with joy but I can live with it:


Sugar Cookie PK330 is the one I really wanted as I am mad for pink on the eyes ever since I got my hands on the YSL Bohemian Chic palette.

This palette has a sparkly white pink, a light pink, a medium candy pink and a darker rich pink with silver sparkles:


Once again pigmentation is just ok:



Both of these palettes are limited edition and quite pretty ones to own. Both are just medium pigmented which is good if you want that sheer wash look and both are pretty sparkly. The packaging is cute and they’re just nice palettes to own but not essential.

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  1. says

    Such cute packaging. I wouldn’t wear those kind of colours too warm for my skintone but I love the promo images. I’m going to go look at the website for ideas for nails now 😀

    • Row says

      Hi Stacie

      This whole collection is really really warm…maybe they should’ve thought of the cool toned ladies too!

  2. Jen says

    I love Majolica Majorca packaging…kawaii in every sense! I have 3 MM palettes that are still in their packaging as I can’t bring myself to use them lol

  3. says

    Thanks for the awesome product pictures and swatches! You just made me decide upon getting BR631 Caramelisee! 😉

  4. Joy says

    Thanks for the swatches :) Did you purchase these online? I want to get the caramelisse one but all I could find online is the pink shade :(