Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder in 2011 LE Sugary Trap Case Review

I haven’t bought Majolica Majorca in a long time; their products are quite average for me despite being packaged so beautifully, but I couldn’t resist this gorgeous limited edition Sugary Trap collection and this pale green compact which houses the Pressed Pore Cover Powder.

They say:

Reveal soft white, translucent powder that minimises enlarged pores to give skin a flawless and polished finish. Using the flocked sponge, apply Pressed Pore Cover Powder on nose, cheeks and other areas with pronounced pores to give skin a smoother appearance. Best applied over moisturiser or primer.


The pressed pore powder has been for a while and I believe this is an updated version of the product. The case also comes in white and black.

My first thought about this powder is that it may be too pale (despite being translucent, these pale powders can leave a whitish cast on my skin).

How it looks:


I actually like this powder a lot more than I thought I would, although it has some obvious faults. On the plus side, this powder did quite a good job controlling oil but my skin is on the drier side…(but it does get shiny towards the end of the day).

The powder also left a very glowy finish and most importantly, I did feel that it covered pores quite well without looking to heavy.


On the negative side – the powder is pale – if you use too much you will end up with a slightly ghostly cast. I preferred using it with a loose powder brush for a lighter coverage but then you don’t get as much pore cover.

Also there is very little blemish cover with this powder. It will help a bit with oil, it will help with pores, it may help a tiny bit with redness and that is it.


Another fault is that it will cling to any dry patches you have. In the summer I think this could work better on me (my skin is so dry at the moment that my face is covered in flaky patches). Having said that I get darker in the summer so this really will be too whitish to wear…hmmm.

Overall I am happy with the pore cover element and would recommend this to someone who is on the fairer side, needs little coverage and oil control and just wants a dewy, glowy finish and pore cover.

I paid £16 for this from an eBay seller who marked my parcel with a higher value and thus cost me an extra £11 in fees. D’oh.

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  1. Jen says

    This sounds interesting, I’ve not used a powder for my pores before, does it settle into the pores at all? (hate it when that happens, makes them even more obvious d’oh!). I usually use my “polyfilla” (Clinique pore perfector) for pores on my nose lol