Majolica Majorca Gorgeous Lash Wing Mascara

Just a quick review here – no proper pics, my camera is playing up!

I have the Majolica Majorca lash base (average) and the Lash Expander (hard to remove, not very effective) but decided to give the Lash Gorgeous Wing a try too. I have wanted it for a long time, some when the limited editions BR777, a golden brown came out, I decided it was time to buy!

Gorgeous Wing is a fiber rich formula – when you pull out the brush you can see all the tiny fibers, similar to the TIFFA mascara. Fibers and me don’t necessarily mix – I cannot, for the life of me wear Fiberwig mascara, for example. Not even a BIT without strands of hair irritating the hell out of my eyes.

I found it WAY too subtle. I have been discovering drugstore mascara’s recently – as much as I love my Japanese Mascaras, they are extremely hard to remove even if they aren’t sold as waterproof and I’ve got tired of scrubbing around my eyes (even with Lancome Bi-Facial make up remover) – so my new likey is L’oreal Volumious – old skool, I know, but I like the fact it’s effective and easy to remove.

Where was I? Oh yes – I’ve been moving away slightly from Japanese Mascara’s but I had to try this super cute one. My verdict is that….it’s way to natural. Of course, being brown rather than black doesn’t help, but I had to really really work to get some length on there and that’s all this Mascara is – all length, no girth.

Even then, the brush is a stubby thing and doesn’t get enough product. For girls like me with short lashes, it means I have to use a card or piece of paper to cover my eyelid and really press to get mascara off the wand onto my lashes. If I don’t have time to do that – then its tough luck.

Perhaps this mascara would work for a teen who has just started wearing make up – it’s very natural but I don’t see any reason at all you would choose this out of all the decent mascara’s out there.

My top 5 mascaras of the moment:

1. TIFFA LONG (holds curl, really dramatic length and good volume. The VOLUME formula however, makes the lashes flop a bit.)

2.INTEGRATE VOLUME or LONG (holds curl, really dramatic length and good volume.)

3. L’OREAL VOLUMINOUS (bit of flopping, nice volume and easy to use)

4. YSL FAUX CILS (flops lashes somewhat,brilliant volume and makes lashes feel soft. Good with Shiseido Lash Base.)

5. FAIRY DROPS (Nice curl hold, a good allrounder but gimmicky).

Not kidding I have a pretty formidable mascara collection of over 40 types and these are my favourites loitering about at the moment 8).

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  1. says

    I ordered this too and haven’t picked it up yet from the PO. Kinda regret it though after hearing that its a fibery mascara. For some reason I just didn’t realise it would be one else I would’ve avoided it, I’m sure the fibers will annoy the hell out of my eyes!

    How long do you keep your mascaras? Do they last longer simply because you can rotate through so many? I find mine always get clumpy and dry after a while, even though I barely use ’em (only once a week).

  2. Row says

    Hey Blu

    Perhaps this will work for you? For me I’ve realised it is so nothingyyy I am annoyed as I got a back up too (since it was a LE colour). It is VERY fibery and I had to press very hard to get the product on my lashes. Not good. x

  3. Row says

    Hi Blu! I forgot to say – I do rotate mascaras but as soon as they go clumpy I throw it away. I think my mascara collection will get a lot smaller anyway as I will throw most of them away. I noticed the loreal volumnious is getting clumpy already – its only been 3 weeks. My other brands take a lot lot lot longer to get to that stage so that’s quite interesting. I should just stick to one I know works (like Tiffa or Integrate – is amazing!) but I can’t resist trying something new :)