Magentic Nail Polish! Boots No. 17 Magnetized Nail Polish Swatches and Review

I am sure many of you have already heard of Magnetic Nail Polish – these polishes contain very fine metallic particles and if you apply a magnet to them whilst they are still wet, they move around creating unique patterns.

It’s a clever idea! Someone finally put it together, a bit like the Crackles we are all now used to seeing.

A few brand offer magnetic polish, the ones I am looking at here are No 18 Magnetized Nail Polishes. I have Gunmetal and Blue.Boots No 17 Magnetized Nail Polish

How to apply:

1. Apply 17 Magnetized Nail Polish and whilst still wet, hover the magnet (located on the cap) over your nail. Apply to one nail at a time.

2. Hold the magnet over the nail for approx 10 seconds & see the effect appear before your eyes!

3.Allow the nail polish to dry hard & apply a clear top coat for prolonged wear.
Did I manage it?!

Now I am a nail dunce and the first time I did it I didn’t get a very decent effect. I stuck with it and found that I actually got quite a good result as long as the nail polish was still very wet, and the magnet (on the top of the lid) was close enough to the nail – then you can really manipulate the polish around.

Here are the results – sort of like wiggly stripes:

Boots No 17 Magnetized Nail Polish 1

If anyone has any ideas on how to get different patterns, let me know! This was total randomness – I think the effect is quite cool really, provided you have the time for nail art (I don’t most of the time!).  It’s cute though and more grown up than crackle!

Boots No 17 Magnetized Nail Polish 2

These are well worth trying if you like nail art. What I will say is, the results weren’t screamingly obvious to me at first and it takes a bit of practise and I hope they bring out more exciting colours in the future!

The polishes cost £5.99 each and you can buy them here!

Have you tried magnetized polish?

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  1. says

    I haven’t tried magnetic polish yet, but I saw some interesting magnets for it over at Nail Polish direct today, including a starburst one and a diagonal one x

  2. funkiichiicka says

    I love these! I have the No 17 in purple and the Fashionista in red and my mom was like ‘Oh it will never work’ but lo and behold, they worked and looked gorgeous on her nails! Don’t have to spend too much on these so they are totally worth it.