MAC Temperature Rising Haul; Sheer Seduction, Soft Serenade and Ripe for Love

I am not one of these people who keeps up with every MAC release (there are so many!) but I do always take a look at the Summer releases because I love their bronzy releases which aren’t as obvious as other beauty companies’ offerings and they’re always quite sexy! 

I purchased a few things from the Temperature Rising collection (also not pictured the Strobe Lotion in the golden colour).  I found these on counter as they were sold out online! 


I purchased a powder blush in Ripe for Love, a watermelon/peachy blush which is so lovely, and a lipstick and lipgloss.  Two of the lipsticks had the super glittery finish and I went for Sheer Seduction because I don’t mind the bronzy brown copper look on the lip and Soft Serenade as a gloss because it’s a neutral wearable glittery pale pink.  


MAC Temperature Rising Haul Sheer Seduction Soft Serenade and Ripe for Love

When I swatted Ripe for Love, I was concerned the ‘watermelon-papaya’ colouring would be too red for my complexion but actually, it is just really pretty on and pigmented!

Regarding my lip choices – I really do love glittery lips, and these two are super glittery.  After the colour has disappeared, the glitter particles stick on for a while longer.  

I like Sheer Seduction a lot – it’s not like anything else I own because of how glittery it is.  It’s not that pigmented – I run the colour 2-3 times over my lips in order to get decent coverage.  

MAC Temperature Rising Haul Sheer Seduction Soft Serenade and Ripe for Love 1

The gloss, soft serenade is not my first choice of gloss – but I decided to choose it because I was going to use it as a ‘topper’ colour.  On top of the lipstick it adds another layer of glittery-ness and also adds shine. They do work well together although on it’s own I’d say the gloss is fairly boring.  


MAC Temperature Rising Haul Sheer Seduction Soft Serenade and Ripe for Love 2

On my tan complexion it doesn’t run as brown as I suspected (I don’t usually wear these tones that often).  Face as a whole:

MAC Temperature Rising Lipstick

I am so pleased I picked up these two colours and that I went for something a bit different (I’d usually go for the nude choices!). There’s just the right amount of colour and loads of glitter for a bit of summer fun!

Did you buy anything from Temperature Rising?

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