MAC Strobe Liquid Hydration in Golden Elixir Review!

Part of the MAC Temperature Rising collection features this Limited Edition strobe lotion in Golden Elixir. I purchased one because I have been wanting the regular strobe liquid for a while, but didn’t have a good reason to buy it since I have the strobe cream already (and it lasts forever!). 

This stuff cost £22.50 and it’s smaller than I expected! Just 50ml of product.

MAC Strobe Liquid Hydration

The bronze doesn’t look like what I expected (I purchased online) – it’s a cool toned silvery pearlecent bronzy colour. That’s not a problem, I just expected something quite warm and truly golden.  

Here is the liquid – I totally see why this stuff is a good alternative to the cream because if you are highlighting and already have cream and foundation etc on your skin, this is light enough to not add more heaviness to your skin.  

You only need a small amount of this stuff to add glow. The shimmer is quite subtle which looks nice on the skin. 

I was actually surprised by how unpigmented this Golden Elixir product was – despite the fact this is bronze rather than white, it leaves the the smallest amount of pigment on the skin so if you are expecting to look bronzed after using this, you won’t. 

MAC Strobe Liquid Hydration 1

I fail to see a huge difference between this product and the usual white strobe liquid (which I have tried) but it is quite decent and has a touch of warm copper to it which does suit my warm skin tone. I have applied it on various spots over my face and you can see the kind of glow it gives off. I do like this product but I don’t really need backups! 

MAC Strobe Liquid Hydration 2

Beware of using this over anywhere with visible pores, it does accentuate!


Don’t regret buying this and it will last a long time anyway, but it’s not a must have. 

Do you use any skin illuminators?

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