MAC Manish and frequent web crashes and discount

the title makes no grammatical sense, but who cares?

MAC launched Manish and yes, its HOT. What happens to the website? Chug chug chug chug. MAC should know better and accomodate for when new ranges are launched. Is that so hard? So it took me an excruciating hour to get things sorted of course.

See? I’m not a total MAC hater. I do respect new designs and ideas its just when MAC get a load of the same old crap in moderately new packaging it gets on me nerves!

Ooh before you buy use the discount code SUITE – that’s right UK ladies we actually have a MAC discount code. Now technically you get free shipping over £50 anyway but I wanted next day (was too late for that due to website clogging) so I choose allocated day delivery (Friday) for £4.95, with the code I paid £2 which is not shabby at all.

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  1. says

    Would you believe Manish sold out completely on the US site? And they’re not restocking either. You’re so lucky!!

  2. Row says

    You know Jen, i checked that out and it made me freak out and order Manish there and then! Its still all in stock on the UK site, i can’t believe it cos the collection is stunning!

  3. says

    This whole ‘Manish Arora’ thing is beyond me. Normally, I love all things sparkly and Indian, but the packaging on the MA collection looks so cheap! Screw Manish Arora –I wish MAC would collaborate with Shilpa Shetty; they can come out with shades like ‘Jade Goody Green (with Envy)’, ‘Shilpa Poppadom Purple’ and ‘Paki Princess Pink’. Actually, those sound more like OPI shades.

  4. Chica says

    Yay a discount code 😀 I’m so jealous when the US site offers 10%/20% discount.
    I ordered one of the glosses in my fear I would regret not having something from the collection after it was gone, lol – MAC- I try to resist you but I may as well sign a percentage of my pay cheque over to you!