MAC Hello Kitty Arrived!

Oh yes. I am not immune to a spot of MAC occasionally.

Because we get thins 1,232,602 days after the US, Hello Kitty has already been reviewed by plenty of beauty blogs so I was making informed choices people. Informed.

I was surprised by how little (by my standards) I wanted. There’s some very cute but overpriced merchandise (exclusive to the site in the UK – this includes the bags, the bracelet, the doll but NOT the brush set and holder).

Here is my haul which I ordered in the preview:


Blush in Fun & Games:


A very pretty coral shade and a cute case too:


Nothing I love more than a creamy hot pink polish! Something about pink polish:


Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish:


Its very pretty but I do hate putting my fingers into pots:


I got 2 lipsticks, Cute-ster, the sheer peachy shade and big bow, a hot pink glaze which has lots of multi coloured sparkles:


Big Bow isn’t normally my thing – I hate the glaze texture too but this is super super cute.


Cute-Ster is sheer but wearable everyday:


I haven’t tested this out yet, I am too busy looking at its prettiness. There’s lots of other lippies, glosses (they all seemed so sheer) and beauty powders too! I skipped the palettes as I don’t think much of MAC eyeshadows in general.

Thursday ladies! Get ready it will be hitting the online store and the shops!

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  1. says

    I think I got everything you got, except for the pink nail polish. Cute-ster and Fun and Games has become my everyday go-to items. Orgasm (and Super Orgasm) has been replaced by Fun and Games. It’s more on the matte side, but really, it’s just perfect.

    Cute-ster isn’t too glittery either, unlike Not So Innocent from last year’s Fafi collection, so it actually feels comfortable at 8 AM in the morning.

    • Row says

      Hey Gloria!

      I’m glad there isn’t a kitty head embossed on the blush or I probably wouldnt use it :) They look super pretty I can’t wait to use it! Hmm do I need back ups!

  2. says

    do you think fun&games is really similar to nars gilda? i’m trying to convince myself that they aren’t dupes and i should get fun&games.

    • Row says

      Hi Lyn

      Off the top of my head, fun and games has shimmer, gilda is matte. That is reason enough if you ask me to own both!