MAC Haul; Metal X, Of Beauty Loose Powders, Pervette & Pout Etc.!

For a non-Macaholic, I sure do buy a lot of MAC.

What is it? Is it the buzz they create before releasing a collection? Are they just really in tune with us Make Up junkies? They hardly ever advertise compared to Lancome, Estee Lauder and other big companies (although I am aware they are part of EL).

Well whatever it is, I just did a big haul at Mac Mail order and should have enough make up to do some creative looks over the festive season.

I got 5 of the MAC Metal-X colours (Plum Electric was sold out from Day 1!) and the corresponding brush, 242 Shader Brush, with s synthetic head for cream bases:

There is Pure Ore, Ping Ingot, Goldspice, Metalblu and Sixth Sin.

Here is the brush close up:

It’s a good size, neither huge nor small, so I hope it can get into the inner corner of the eyes.

I also managed to get the Curiositease 5 pigment set in COOL & Emerald Green Pro Pigment:

The cool set comes with Helium (Ltd Ed), Naval Blue (pro Colour), Softwash Grey, Forest Green, Glitter, and here is a pic of Emerald Green:

I love green so I like it altho it reminds me a lot of Landscape Green mixed with a tad of shimmer from Kelly Green. Or am I hallucinating? It is 8am and I haven’t slept a wink so….onwards!

I got two lippies two and was in a shadestick mood:

I got MAC Pervette (Glaze) because I liked the name:

But it does look an awful lot like my other purchase ‘Snob’ but I suppose the texture is different? (it’s really not as easy to return stuff in the UK as it is in the US so I will most likely keep both):

My four new shadesticks…I particularly like Gracious me, a sugar coated pink!:

Of course, after seeing all the cool reviews, I had to stock up on the Loose Beauty Powders. When I called they were in stock unavailable (d’oh) – so I got two pro colours.

This one is the Ltd Edition one from OF BEAUTY – in Soft Flame, a reddy plum:

Ok then I got a bit confused with the photographs & colours! (I named two peach haze)..

Ok so this next one is DAISY DUST, a pale banana with gold (gorgeous):

THis one is DRIZZLE GOLD, a pale beige with gold (my least favourite):

This one is the real PEACH HAZE! Also lovely, a warm peach with gold:

They are quite messy to use these powders and they don’t come with a plastic cover or cap to stop them from falling out of the base. It does come with a sticky thing:

Here are the swatches on my hand:

Now you can see a difference, right!?

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