MAC Haul: Face & Body Foundation, Prep & Prime SPF 50 & Select Concealer

I did a little pre holiday MAC haul and decided to try out the Prep & Primer Face Protect because it’s a SPF 50, the Studio Select Concealer because it has SPF35 and good old Face & Body Foundation.

So I’m not the biggest MAC lover in the world but I do like the presentation of everything; it’s simple and functional.


I have actually tried Face & Body foundation before, but I didn’t like it…it was too sheer for me. However, I am happy to try it again because my skin is a bit better and I want to use something light and water based for day to day.


So second time round, I do like this foundation a lot. It’s light – very light, and offers a sheer but buildable coverage. It sort of looks a bit wet at first then sets to a dewy finish…

I guess you could compare it to MUFE’s Face & Body foundation (a detailed comparison coming up) in the sense that they are both sheer and both are made for face and body…

But the texture is totally different. MUFE is like jelly, this is just liquid:


I bought C4 which is fine for me as my neck is darker than my face. You an pretty much work it into your skin if its a tad darker or a tad lighter, it’s so sheer.

I’m taking this on holiday with me for a quick easy base, but so far, so good – I need concealer over red bits I do have to say, because I get high colour, but otherwise it gives you that barely there finish!

This cost 120ml for £23 which is amazing value, most foundations are 30ml or so.

The primer I wasn’t so sure about purely because I think other brands make better primers than MAC. However this has a SPF50 which is impressive. Inside this sparkly black tube is a white primer…


This is a cream type primer, not a silicone – it’s nice and hydrating for my dry skin! My other concern was that if it’s white, due to the SPF50, it could be quite ashy.


Well it isn’t! It’s actually quite a nice product that gives an even soft base without being ashy. I’ll use this regularly since it has such a good level of sun protection too.

Select Concealer is one of those things that everyone has but I’ve never tried! I was attracted to the SPF! I got NC35 for my face.

I think the concealer isn’t as creamy as I’d expected – it’s almost a bit gritty, and dry textured. Not actually such a bad thing when all is said and done because it stays in place in areas like, around my nose.


Ingredients (concealer):


Ingredients (foundation):


Ingredients (primer):


Three products used together:


Do you use any of these products?

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  1. Paige says

    wow…such smooth finish when all 3 are used together

    now I’m interested in the face & body foundation :p

  2. layla says

    hey :) was wondering if the mac primer would also be suitable for a little more medium to darker toned skin as its quite white. (I’m indian)

  3. Halifax says

    Great haul. I’ve heard so much about all 3 but haven’t tried them yet. Looks like they work well together