MAC Face and Body Foundation Review; A Second Chance!

I have purchased MAC Face and Body foundation twice before in the ginormous 120ml squeeze bottles and felt lukewarm about the product twice.  What can I say? With everyone recommending this water based, long lasting all over foundation I felt that I had to love it or at least like it…but to be honest the watery-ness, the weird tacky sticky feeling and over the top shine left on the skin made me hate it.  I eventually threw out 2 large almost full bottles of the stuff because i found it also turns bad quite quickly. 

That was about a year ago.  This time I noticed the new smaller sized 50ml bottles and thought I would give it one more go. 3rd time lucky.  

MAC Face and Body Foundation

I have had C3 (too light) and C5 (too dark) before so logically I bought C4 which is a great match for my NC30-35 skin tone. 

Now you may think that the 50ml (£20.50) is really poor value compared to the 120ml bottle (£26.50) but to be honest, I have had the big bottle before and unless you are a pro make up artist, I don’t see how you can use the whole thing up before it turns funny, UNLESS you use it in quite a large quantity day to day.  

I am happy with my 50ml bottle as I know it’s finish-able and a good travel size:

MAC Face and Body Foundation Review

This time around – I’ve actually not minded this foundation much. 

I still think it is super duper watery which take some getting used to and I have been dabbing it into the skin and getting more coverage out of it (although it is still by all intents and purposes, very light). 

The shine is still there – I must powder with this base, but mixed in with some glow product, I don’t mind the natural finish. 

This is after I applied the base – it looks fine – the skin is a bit more even and some redness is covered but not all.  This is good if you naturally have good skin but if you are having a blotchy day like me, not so much:

MAC Face and Body Foundation Review 1

Ingredients:MAC Face and Body Foundation review

I am quite feeling this a bit more – it reminds me of the Estee Lauder Invisible foundation which I love but for some reason has oxidised on me (making me look a bit orange!). However, generally speaking I prefer something with more coverage – but when it’s super duper hot I doubt I would want anything much heavier than this on my skin. 

Have you tried MAC Face and Body?

*purchase by me

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  1. says

    I bought the white one to lighten every single foundation I own, since I’m very pale! I like the effect, but the coverage isn’t the best! :(

    • Row says

      Hi Luisa

      Oh I know what you mean when I am quite red and blemished, it just isn’t enough coverage :0