MAC Alexander McQueen Back in Stock Online!

Did you miss out last time in the madness that was the Alexander McQueen rush?

Well as of today, the three paint pots, eyeshadows, lip gloss, lip stick and kohl power eyeliners are back in stock!

Shop for them here..

By the way, should you be eligible for a pro discount, MAC Mail order do not have any of the McQueen in stock, or Stylistics (even though the range is half sold out online.) No mail order means no pro discount :/

I was tempted by the pretty packaging from the Stylistics (with a pro discount of course) but when I found this wasn’t availble…well, £35 for a pressed powder by MAC? I don’t think so.

I did buy the McQueen Eyeshadows online though for full price, and Black Karat liner since I have seen some amazing makeovers using this pencil. Plus I think it may be a lifetime, if at all, when Mac Mailorder/Harrods manages to get the range back in stock.

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