Luxury Hauled It: Mason Pearson Nylon Hair Brush

I had a hair consultation recently with Melissa from Stone Bridge (more on that later) and the lady I spoke to recommended Mason Pearson Hair Brushes and good old Kent.

She also recommended Nylon Bristles over Bristled ones (I’ve always hated them anyway – how are they supposed to get through knots?!).

I took this as an invitation to buy a new Mason Pearson Hair Brush with Nylon Bristles!

Mason Pearson Hair Brush London England.jpg

The box is gorgeous – how am I supposed to bring myself to throw it away? Grrrr.

It comes in a little specially made cut out and everything!

Mason Pearson Nylon Hair Brush.jpg

Mason Pearson Brushes do need to be cared for – hey shouldn’t be used with oils (they destroy rubber – yeah, remember the first time you heard that?!), they shouldn’t be left in strong sunlight and shouldn’t be used on other things…like pets (sorry kitties!).

Nylon is especially good for thick to very thick hair – hurrah!

I bought it in Handy Size – its big enough for me!

Mason Pearson Nylon Hairbrush .jpg

I’ve been using for this for a week – I don’t honestly know if this is better than a £5 hair brush but I do think it works through knots an absolute treat and doesn’t hurt me either.

Yeah….I think I like it a lot!

The meason pearson London nylon hair brush.jpg

I bought this from Mistry’s Pharmacy – good customer service although they owe me some money for a return and haven’t paid up *cough*.

Why not invest in a nice hair brush anyway – we spend so much on hair cuts, styling products etc. I am pretty happy with my purchase!

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  1. says

    I’ve had my Mason Pearson brush since I was 2… it’s bruised and battered and even has a huge chip in the handle… but it’s still what I reach for every morning 27 years later. Mine’s a mixture of nylon and bristle like the one in your link – I find the addition of a bit of boar bristle seems to add some shine.

    I bought Leila her first one last weekend too! They’re fabulous hair brushes!

    I’ve never worried about any of the “don’t do this” things though… I use it to brush conditioner through my hair all the time, but I guess that’s not oils?

  2. Julia says

    I think that last bit was strange too as I have a friend who saw mine and asked me why I was using a dog brush on my hair! Her family breed show quality Afghan Hounds and Mason Pearson are what are advertised in the dog breeding fraternity for use on your potential crufts winners! I have to agree about the box. Too gorgeous, shame I can’t say the same about the brush. I have one, I just wish it came in other colours, black and orange doesn’t do it for me!

  3. says

    The bristles look very interesting, according to your description it seems you can only use it on dry hair without any product?
    Have you ever tried some Vess brushes before?

  4. cathy says

    I’ve just gotten my second mason pearson brush , my first is a (handy) mixture in pink, the second is a (pocket) nylon only in blue.
    The mixture seems to “clean” my hair while I brush due the the bristle and the nylon only brush gives a great scalp massage.
    The only thing i don’t like about MP is that they don’t seems to have brush holder for when I want to dump my brushes in my bag. Oh and they fact that they cost so much but I love them still.