Lush Soaps = Blocked Drains

Everytime I get something from Lush – which I do cos I get bored even though their products generally do nothing for me – the boyfriend moans.  Why?  Because their chunky soaps, solid shampoos and what nots fall apart in clumps and means blocked drains.

Huh, I sniffed, as if the shower will get blocked by a teeny bit of soap.  Water, water, washes it all away into the magical land of “shower-waste” full of fake tan, pubes and dead skin.

For the record I was using –

Porridge soap.  Smells great, has great big chunky bits of oats in it – much worse than this photograph.  After 3 weeks the drain has given up and it is blockety blocked, big style.

I am not sticking my hand down there and dragging out the mess so I am going to have to sort this out the good old fashioned way –

Brad Pitt is coming round to unblock it for me.

No, I’m kidding.  Good old fashioned lye.  Have to be very very careful with the stuff cos it will burn you, kitties, kiddies…gloves, goggles, check, check.  But if this won’t eat through the build of of Lush scum, nothing will.

Be warned ladies with sensitive little drains!

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  1. row!! how foolish of me not to add your site to the google reader when you first suggested that you were moving… ahhh together again at last~ thanks mandy!!

  2. Sadly, I went the lye route ages ago and my drain has yet to recover. The lye not only failed to unclog the drain, but it corroded the chrome finish on the tub’s drain opening. :*(

  3. Hey Kia!

    Thanks for the add. Hey girls together again!

  4. Hey Pandy

    Sorry about your drain….I was terrified of lye from handling it at close range in my soap making days. No metal, no plastics, no kids, no animals, and the damn fumes are toxic! I can’t believe its sold next to the washing up liquid at my supermarket.

    I decided against pure lye since it pretty much destroys everything in its path and got a drain unblocker which contains lye but is diluted quantites and from a mainstream brand that I could sue if things went wrong.

    Drains ok now!

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