Lush Porridge Soap and Body Butter

I’ve been trying to find a shower gel that doesn’t dry my sensitive skin out.

A quick visit to Lush, and I was recommended the Body Butter range and Porridge Soap.

As ususal kitty had to get in on the action.

Here’s what they say –

A Buttercream is what a soap hopes to become in its next life if it behaves very well in this one. At Lush we minimise the ‘soap’ part of our soaps so that we can fill them up with lots of other lovely things. Most soaps are 99% soap and 1% fragrance; 2% for a really posh one. Buttercreams are 20% soap to clean your body and 80% butters, oils, infusions and other fabulous things to get your skin looking and feeling lovely.

I got Almond Butter, which is a dark brown and smells warming – ok but not fab, alas I chose this because its the most moisturizing. It comes in a rather un-eco brown box – I am presuming this is because of its high butter content it will melt easily.

The way the lush gal told me to use it was to smush it in my fingers then rub together to create a soft lather. I can imagine this product wouldnt last too long – you need a nice chunk to work up a good lather.

Having said that, I really like this product – my skin is genuinely softer and creamy. Recommended for us dry skinned gals. I paid £2.95 approx for 100g.

Porridge soap is a new product. I loved the sweet smell although I couldn’t quite place it.

This is creamy but a really nice scrubby bar – almost a little too scrubby at times. It wasn’t super moisturizing but I liked it – the website says its good for sensitive skins – hmmm its way too scrubby in my opinion of truly sensitive women.

That smell – oaty and molasses…..then I remembered my favourite doll in the world as a kid!

Chocolottie, circa 1988.

Anyone else have a Chocolottie?!

Her smelt of chocolate, and she had a little chocolate drop friend who looked like a Goomba.

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