Lush Grab Bags

I am not a particularly big fan of Lush – too smelly, too crumbly, too much glittter.

Anyway I had a perusal because at the moment they have ‘Grab Bags’. That is, Christmas leftovers.

A £5 bag has £15 worth of goodies.
A £10 bag is worth £35 and a £15 bag is worth £50.

Being week, I got a £10 bag too see what I would end up with…it was certainly a huge bag:


Some crumble bath product:


Santa Bath Bomb:


Strawberry Santa Jelly thing:


Twinkle Box:


3 items inside:


Stupid Popcorn! It’s their packaging – its biodegradable but its so irritating to get popcorn everywhere.

Yuletide Set:


Snow Fairy:


The stuff:


So roughly speaking there was:

1 x Bubble Bar
1 x Shower Jelly
2 x Soaps
1 x Shower Gel
5 x Fizzy bath bombs
2 x Glittery skin moisturisers

So was it worth it?

Well – there is an awful lot of stuff – I don’t doubt that this pop corn encrusted crap stuff is “worth” £35 but maybe because I am somewhat cynical towards Lush’s stupidly shaped, scented and generally dysfunctional products, I can’t help feeling like I am looking at £10 worth of crap. There are 2 bars of soap which I will use as toilet soap, I’ll use the shower gel but since I don’t take baths, the bath products will be passed on.

If you love Lush you should get down there and buy some of these bags. For me, I am looking at the goody bag, wondering why I didn’t spend the £10 on a plate of gammon and chips instead.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I’m afraid I am an absolute devotee of the bubble bath and fizzing things. The almondy one is lovely – and the little santa thingy is also nice. But shifting all of their stuff in “grab bags” before it goes past its sell by is a bit of a joke. Can’t stand their glittery stuff, don’t want to get into bed after a bath and cover my sheets in sparkle.

    • Row says

      Hi Elizabeth

      You may like these grab bags then since it is good value, for sure. Two of the things I got – I think they are mosturizing bars or massage bars are just FILLED with glitter. It’s EVERYWHERE> I can’t imagine when in your day to day life you would use it…