Lunasol Full Glamour Lipstick, in Pink Beige

Everyone now and again a lipstick comes along that has everything going for it; colour, texture, packaging…

Lunasol Lipstick in Pink Beige is one of them.

I first saw a photograph of this on MUA and loved the way it looked. I finally splurged $39 (I know, its cheaper on Ebay – well I couldn’t find it on Ebay) on it…


This lipstick has everything I personally like in a lipstick. It is

1. A nude colour

2. It has a hint of Beige

3. It has a hint of Pink

4. It has a glossy but not too sheer coverage

5. It is moisturising

6. It has microsparkles

7. It is compact

8. It lasts quite well for a glossy lip stick

The only thing I don’t like is the price, but hey-ho, this is the perfect nude. Also, lipsticks last ages unlike lip glosses.

I highly recommend this to girls who like glossy nudes, and have try lips like moi!

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